Apart Hotel Stenata (Апарт Хотел Стената) Phone Number And Contact Number - Hotelcontact.net

Apart hotel stenata (Апарт Хотел Стената) phone number and contact number

Apart Hotel Stenata

Apart Hotel Stenata

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Plovdiv Airport 2 Hr 7

Nevystata Eco Trail (39 Min)

Smolyan Lakes (34 Min)
Scenic, Mountainous Area Known For Its Forest-Ringed Lakes, Hiking & Winter Sports.

Golyam Perelik (50 Min)
2,191-M. Mountain, The Highest In The Rhodopes, Featuring Forested Slopes With Hiking & Skiing.

The Waterfalls Canyon (51 Min)
Circular Walk On Boardwalks & Steep Steps Through A Narrow, Forested Gorge To Dramatic Cascades.

Pamporovo Ski Resort (1 Min)
Ski Resort And Skiing

Mechi Chal (59 Min)
Soaring Peak With Ski Runs For Varying Abilities, Plus A Chair Lift & Mountain Panoramas.

Regional History Museum Stoyu Shishkov (46 Min)
Museum And History

Smolyan Lakes (35 Min)
Group Of 7 Small Mountain Lakes Set Amid Evergreen Forest Areas With Camping, Fishing & Hiking.

Uhlovitsa (1 Hr 19)
Tours Of A Cave System Known For Limestone Stalactites & Stalagmites, Plus Subterranean Lakes.

Orfeevi Rocks Pamporovo (52 Min)

Rożen (49 Min)
Wildflowers Blooms Seasonally Along This Mountain Pass With Tranquil, Scenic Views.

Snezhanka Peak (53 Min)
Peak For Winter Skiing & Summer Hikes, Crowned By A Tv Tower Offering Views Of Forested Mountains.

Екопътека 'смолянски Езера' (34 Min)

Soskovcheto (1 Hr 17)
Waterfall, Nature Reserve, Canyon, And Nature

Bulgarian (Български)

Летище Пловдив 2 Ч 7

Orfeevi Rocks Pamporovo (52 Мин)

Регионален Исторически Музей (46 Мин)

Пещера 'ухловица' (1 Ч 19)

Snezhanka Peak (53 Мин)

Екопътека 'смолянски Езера' (34 Мин)

Nevystata Eco Trail (39 Мин)

Mechi Chal (59 Мин)

Рожен (49 Мин)

Каньонът На Водопадите (51 Мин)

Сосковчето (1 Ч 17)

Pamporovo Ski Resort (1 Мин)

Смолянските Езера (34 Мин)

Смолянски Езера (35 Мин)
Група От 7 Малки Планински Езера, Разположени Сред Вечнозелени Гори Със Зони За Къмпинг, Риболов И Туризъм.

Голям Перелик (50 Мин)

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Rhodope-The Mountain Of Orpheus, 4870 Smolyan, Bulgaria


Lat: 41.6416731 Lng: 24.6892962


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