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Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 39 Min

Hong Kong Wetland Park (1 Hr 45)
Large Wetland Reserve With A Visitor Center Featuring Educational Exhibits, A Cafe & Souvenir Shop.

He Xiangning Art Museum (17 Min)
Stylish Museum Offering Contemporary Chinese Works & Modern Art Exhibitions On 3 Floors.

Ping'an International Financial Center (19 Min)
Well-Known 115-Story Skyscraper With Restaurants & An Observation Deck For Sweeping City Views.

Sea World (14 Min)

Nanshan Mountains (15 Min)
Hiking Area With Wooded Trails & Summit Lookouts Over The Surrounding Cityscape & Bay Islands.

Mai Po Nature Reserve (28 Min)
Kite-Flying Is A Popular Activity At This Urban Park With Gardens, A Wide Lawn & A Bronze Statue.

Shenzhen Safari Park (28 Min)
Animal Park With Endangered Species Such As Giant Pandas & South China Tigers, Plus Daily Shows.

Hong Kong Wetland Park (21 Min)
Amusement Park, Roller Coaster, Park, And Water Park

Safari Park (28 Min)
Zoo, Tiger, Giant Panda, And Giraffe

Shenzhen Bay Park (15 Min)
Waterfront Area With Cycling & Jogging Trails, Beaches, Migratory Birds & Views Across To Hong Kong.

Chinese Folk Culture Village (19 Min)
Theme Park Area With Architectural Structures & Festivals Showcasing China's 50+ Ethnic Groups.

Window Of The World (17 Min)
Eiffel & Pisa Towers, The Pyramids, Acropolis & Colosseum Feature In Miniature At This Theme Park.

Overseas Chinese Town (19 Min)
Culture-Themed Park With Scale Models Of Regional Landmarks, Chinese Dance Shows & Art Museums.

Splendid China Folk Village (19 Min)
Large Theme Park With 100+ Miniature Reproductions Of China's Historic Locations & Cultural Shows.

Chinese (简体中文)

深圳宝安国际机场 39分钟

米埔 (15分钟)

深圳野生动物园 (28分钟)

米埔 (17分钟)

海上世界广场 (14分钟)

米埔 (28分钟)

深圳湾公园 (15分钟)

锦绣中华民俗村 (19分钟)
大型主题公园,内设文化表演和 100 多个中国历史遗迹的微缩模型。

华侨城 (19分钟)

野生动物园 (28分钟)

香港濕地公園 (21分钟)

平安国际金融中心 (19分钟)
樓高 115 層的知名摩天大樓,設有餐廳與觀景台,可將城市美景盡收眼底。

中国民俗文化村 (19分钟)

香港濕地公園 (1 小时 45 分钟)

何香凝美术馆 (17分钟)
时尚艺术馆分为 3 层,提供中国当代作品和现代艺术展览。

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Shenzhen Baoneng Electromechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd. Chuangye Rd Nanshan District Shenzhen Guangdong


Lat: 22.513512 Lng: 113.93242


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