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Dar lakhdar (Dar Lakhdar دار لخضر) numéro de téléphone et numéro de contact


Dar Lakhdar

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Aéroport De Tunis-Carthage 24 Min

Arabic (عربى)

مطار تونس قرطاج الدولي 24 دقيقة

Dar Ben Abdallah (7 دقائق.)
Museum, Art, And Architecture

Lake Of Tunis (24 دقيقة)

Bab El Bhar (14 دقيقة.)
1800S Stone Gate Built By The French To Mark The Line Between The Old City & The New European Area.

Sidi Youssef Dey Mosque (11 دقيقة.)

Cathedral Of St Vincent De Paul (19 دقيقة.)
Cathedral And Church

Royal Mausoleum Of Tourbet El Bey (5 دقائق.)
Mausoleum And History

Numéro De Téléphone


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زنقة اللبن 1, Tunis, تونس


Lat: 36.792266 Lng: 10.170046


Dar Lakhdar Carte - Tunisia - Tunis

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