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Dar nejma a djerba numéro de téléphone et numéro de contact

Dar Nejma A Djerba

Dar Nejma A Djerba

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Djerba-Zarzis International Airport 37 Min

Djerba Explore Park (8 Min)
Attraction Featuring A Crocodile Farm, Museum & Recreations Of A Home, Mill & Pottery Workshop.

Tourgueness Lighthouse (8 Min)

Aqua Park Pirate (15 Min)
Water Park

Plage D'aghir (7 Min)
Calm Turquoise Waters Are The Draw At This White-Sand Beach Lined With Palm Trees.

Plage De La Seguia (5 Min)

Djerbahood (29 Min)
An Entire Village Is Adorned With Global Street Art Featuring Participants From Over 30 Nations.

Seguia (7 Min)
A Sandy Beach Runs Alongside This Lagoon With A Bustling Spot At One End For Boating.

Plage Yéti 2 (11 Min)
Long, Narrow, Sandy Beach Featuring Swimming, Boating, Jet Skiing, Umbrellas & More.

Lalla Hadria Museum (8 Min)

Plage De Sidi Mahrez (15 Min)
Laid-Beach Featuring Clear Ocean Waters, Horse & Camel Rides & Other Accessible Resort Amenities.

Touristique Zone (5 Min)

Guellala Museum (27 Min)

El Ghriba Synagogue (30 Min)
Synagogue, Judaism, And Temple

Djerba Crocodile Farm (8 Min)
Large Crocodile Zoo With Feeding Shows, Other Assorted Reptiles & A Historical Museum.

Djerba Golf Club (14 Min)

Arabic (عربى)

مطار جربة مليتا الدولي 37 دقيقة

Guellala Museum (27 دقيقة)

Plage De Sidi Mahrez (15 دقيقة)

Touristique Zone (5 دقائق)

Djerba Crocodile Farm (8 دقائق)
حديقة حيوانات كبيرة للتماسيح مع عروض إطعام هذه الحيوانات بالإضافة إلى زواحف متنوّعة أخرى ومتحف تاريخي

Plage Yéti 2 (11 دقيقة)

Djerba Explore Park (8 دقائق)

Plage D'aghir (7 دقائق)

منارة تاقرماس (8 دقائق)

متحف للا حضرية (8 دقائق)

جربة هود (29 دقيقة)

الساقية (5 دقائق)

الساقية (7 دقائق)

El Ghriba Synagogue (30 دقيقة)

Djerba Golf Club (14 دقيقة)

Aqua Park Le Pirate Saif (15 دقيقة)

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Djerba, مدنين


Lat: 33.7870741 Lng: 11.0333273


Dar Nejma A Djerba Carte - Tunisia - Djerba

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