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Fenghuang Lelai Yaju Inn

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Tongren Phoenix Airport 42 Min

Tiaoyan (6 Min)

虹桥 (11 Min)

Xiong Xiling Former Residence (9 Min)

Phoenix Ancient City (2 Min)
Preserved Wooden Houses, Gates & Bridges, Dwarfed By Mountains & Popular For River Cruises.

Wanshougong (19 Min)

Duocuilou (13 Min)

East Gate Chenglou (12 Min)
Rafting And Historic Site

Wanmingta (16 Min)

Nanhuashan National Forest Park (Southwest Gate) (8 Min)

Shiban Street (16 Min)

The Former Residence Of Shen Congwen (16 Min)

Xiangxi Phoenix Ancient City Scenic Area (14 Min)

Nanhuamen (6 Min)

南方长城 (23 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

铜仁凤凰机场 42分钟

熊希龄故居 (9分钟)

南华山国家森林公园(西南门) (8分钟)

南华门 (6分钟)

凤凰古城 (2分钟)

万寿宫 (19分钟)

虹桥 (11分钟)

夺翠楼 (13分钟)

湘西州凤凰古城景区 (14分钟)

沈从文故居 (16分钟)

南方长城 (23分钟)

跳岩 (6分钟)

东门城楼 (12分钟)

万名塔 (16分钟)

石板老街 (16分钟)

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(鑫鑫超市附近) Xiquepo Rd Fenghuang County Xiangxi Aut. Prefecture Hunan


Lat: 27.95169 Lng: 109.60136


Fenghuang Lelai Yaju Inn Map - Hunan - Xiangxi Aut Prefecture


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