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Greentree Inn Suzhou Taiping Town Jincheng Rd Express Hotel

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Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 1 Hr 9

Jinji Lake (58 Min)
Shallow, Freshwater Lake With Artificial Islands, A Waterfront Promenade & Skyline Views.

Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge (19 Min)
Viaduct-Style, High-Speed Rail Bridge Spanning More Than 100 Miles Between Shanghai & Nanjing.

Master Of The Nets Garden (27 Min)
Classical 12Th-Century Garden Of Pavilions Built Around Water, With Seasonal Evening Performances.

Classical Gardens Of Suzhou (22 Min)
Built Over 1000 Years, From The 11Th-19Th Centuries, These Gardens Define The Chinese Style.

Lingering Garden (26 Min)
Classical 16Th Century Chinese Mountain & Water Garden & Unesco World Heritage Site.

Couple's Retreat Garden (24 Min)
Famous Classical Chinese Garden From The 19Th Century With A Grotto & A Library Annex.

Suzhou Industrial Park (25 Min)

Suzhou Museum (21 Min)
Museum Designed By I. M. Pei Housing Chinese Artifacts, Including Calligraphy & Ancient Craftwares.

Hanshan Temple Buddhist Library (31 Min)
Temple, Buddhism, History, Historic Site, And Lake

Lion Grove Garden (22 Min)
Modest Chinese Garden With Extensive Stone Arrangements, A Water Feature & An Elaborate Pavilion.

Canglang Pavilion (30 Min)
A Traditional Suzhou Garden Having Origins In The 11Th Century, With Buildings From Later Periods.

Tiger Hill Pagoda (28 Min)
Leaning 7-Story Hilltop Pagoda, Originally Forming Part Of A Temple Built During The 10Th Century.

Humble Administrator's Garden (22 Min)
Suzhou's Largest Classical Garden, Dating To The Ming Emperor Zhengde & Split Into 3 Distinct Areas.

Pan Gate (31 Min)
Canal, Historic Site, History, And Lake

Chinese (简体中文)

上海虹桥国际机场 1 小时 9 分钟

丹昆特大桥 (19分钟)

金鸡湖 (58分钟)

拙政园 (22分钟)
苏州最大的古典园林,可追溯到明朝正德年间,并分为 3 个各具特色的区域。

网师园 (27分钟)
12 世纪古典园林,有绕水而建的亭阁和季节性的晚间表演。

耦园 (24分钟)

狮子林 (22分钟)

云岩寺塔 (28分钟)

留园 (26分钟)
建于 16 世纪的中国古典山水园林,被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产。

苏州工业园区 (25分钟)

沧浪亭 (30分钟)

苏州博物馆 (21分钟)

寒山寺佛教图书馆 (31分钟)

苏州古典园林 (22分钟)
这些园林建造于 11 到 19 世纪,横跨千年,是中国园林的典范。

盘门 (31分钟)

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(宇捷冷暖设备商行附近) Y809 Xiangcheng District Suzhou Jiangsu


Lat: 31.433798 Lng: 120.68741


Greentree Inn Suzhou Taiping Town Jincheng Rd Express Hotel Map - Jiangsu - Suzhou



Greentree Inn Suzhou Taiping Town Jincheng Rd Express Hotel - Jiangsu - Suzhou


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