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Kochi Ryoma Airport 2 Hr 8

Naoshima Island (1 Hr 1)
Island In The Kagawa District Known For Its Art Museums, Modern Architecture & Outdoor Sculptures.

Yashima (18 Min)
Mountaineering, Ruins, And Historic Site

Benesse House (1 Hr 16)
Airy Museum Featuring Contemporary Paintings, Sculptures, Photos & Installations, Plus Sea Views.

New Yashima Aquarium (21 Min)

Ogijima (1 Hr 5)
This Small, Mountainous Island Features A Village, Lighthouse, Art Festival & Many Stray Cats.

Tamamo Park (8 Min)
Ruins Of A Castle Built In 1590 In A Parklike Setting, With A Moat That Uses Water From The Sea.

Ritsurin Garden (9 Min)
Well-Known 1700S Garden Featuring Formal Landscaping, Ponds, Bridges, A Teahouse & A Boat Ride.

Shikoku Village (15 Min)
Outdoor Architectural Park Showcasing Historic Buildings From The Edo To The Taishō Periods.

Kagawa Museum (7 Min)
Museum Hosting Art Exhibits, Events & Hands-On Activities Exploring Regional History & Culture.

84 Nanmenza N Yashimaji (23 Min)
Mountainside Buddhist Temple Famed For Its Decorative Folding Screens, Calligraphy Scrolls & Views.

Onigashima Cave (46 Min)

Teshima Art Museum (2 Hr 1)

Chichu Art Museum (1 Hr 6)
Modern Art In An Underground Building, With A Garden Inspired By Monet's Water Lilies. Book Online.

Megijima (43 Min)
Small Island With A Public Beach, Cherry Blossoms & Mountaintop, Ogre Caves From Momotaro Folklore.

Lee Ufan Museum (1 Hr 10)

Japanese (日本人)

高知空港(高知龍馬空港) 2時間 8分

新屋島水族館 (21 分)

四国民家博物館「四国村」 (15 分)

地中美術館〔予約制〕 (1時間 6分)

屋島 (18 分)

鬼ヶ島大洞窟 (46 分)

四国第84番札所 南面山 千光院 屋島寺 (23 分)

栗林公園 (9 分)
借景を取り入れて 18 世紀に完成した名高い庭園。池、橋、茶屋を配し、和船での周遊もできる。

玉藻公園 (8 分)
1590 年に建設された城の跡地。園内には海水を利用した堀がある。

Megijima (43 分)

ベネッセハウス ミュージアム (1時間 16分)

男木島 (1時間 5分)

李禹煥美術館 (1時間 10分)

香川県立ミュージアム (7 分)

豊島美術館【予約制】 (2時間 1分)

直島 (1時間 1分)

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Kagawa Pref.,Takamatsu City,Uchimachi 6-12


Lat: 34.3460239 Lng: 134.0529487


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Guest House Alo - Kagawa Pref - Takamatsu City


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