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Hope Villa Onnason 2

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Onna Vil.,kunigami District Hotels


Naha Airport 1 Hr 11

Orion Happy Park (21 Min)

Nago Pineapple Park (29 Min)
Theme Park Exploring The Cultivation Of Pineapples Via Tours & Tastings, With A Cafe & Gift Shop.

Minna Island (2 Hr 5)
Croissant-Shaped Island With Reef Attracting Divers & Snorkelers, Beaches & Summer Ferry Services.

Nakijin Castle Ruins (47 Min)
This Site Featuring Ruins From An Ancient Castle Is A Famed Backdrop For Seasonal Cherry Blossoms.

Sesoko Island (42 Min)
Accessible By Car, This Scenic, Small Island Offers White Sand Beaches, Marine Sports & Recreation.

오키나와 푸른동굴 (35 Min)
A Famous Snorkeling & Diving Locale, This Cave Is Known For Its Blue Glowing Light & Fish Sightings.

Busena Marine Park Underwater Observatory (11 Min)
Marine Park Offering A Shuttle Bus, A Pier With An Underwater Observatory & Glass-Bottom Boat Rides.

Cape Maeda (35 Min)
Busy Seaside Destination Best Known For Panoramic Water Views As Well As Scuba Diving & Snorkeling.

Busena Marine Park (9 Min)
Attractions Include An Underwater Observatory With 360-Degree Views & Glass-Bottom Boat Tours.

Ikei Island (1 Hr 17)
Small, Picturesque Island In Okinawa Featuring Diving, Water Sports & Private Beaches.

Cape Manzamo (21 Min)
Oceanfront Rock Formation Shaped Like An Elephant's Trunk, Popular With Tourists & Photographers.

Neo Park Okinawa (27 Min)
Enduring Botanical Park & Zoo Featuring Petting & Feeding Areas, Plus Train Rides.

Okashigoten (16 Min)

Ryukyu Mura (33 Min)
Recreation Of A Traditional Okinawan Village, With Cultural Performances & Hands-On Workshops.

Kyoda Rest Area (17 Min)
Roadside Rest Area With Snack & Souvenir Shops, Plus A Dining Area Overlooking The Sea.

Japanese (日本人)

那覇空港 1時間 11分

伊計島 (1時間 17分)

オリオンハッピーパーク (21 分)

真栄田岬 (35 分)
海を一望できる景観、スキューバ ダイビング、シュノーケリングで人気の海岸。

海中展望塔 (11 分)

瀬底島 (42 分)

琉球村 (33 分)

青の洞窟 (35 分)

ブセナ海中公園(グラス底ボート・海中展望塔) (9 分)
360 度のパノラマが広がる海中展望塔やグラスボート ツアーなどのアトラクションがある。

御菓子御殿 恩納店 (16 分)

ナゴパイナップルパーク (29 分)

万座毛 (21 分)

水納島 (2時間 5分)

今帰仁城跡 (47 分)

ネオパークオキナワ (27 分)

道の駅 許田 (17 分)

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Title :
HOPE VILLA Onnason 2 - 屋内宿泊施設




Okinawa Pref.,Onna Vil.,Kunigami District,Nakama


Lat: 26.5167208 Lng: 127.9307758


Hope Villa Onnason 2 Map - Okinawa Pref - Onna Vil Kunigami District

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