Hotel saheb ettabaa (نزل صاحب الطابع Hôtel Saheb Ettabaa) numéro de téléphone et numéro de contact


Hotel Saheb Ettabaa

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Aéroport De Tunis-Carthage 19 Min

Arabic (عربى)

مطار تونس قرطاج الدولي 19 دقيقة

Carthage Museum (25 دقيقة)
Modest Archaeological Museum Showcasing Statues & Pottery From Nearby Excavations.

Cathedral Of St Vincent De Paul (11 دقيقة.)
Cathedral And Church

Lake Of Tunis (25 دقيقة)

Carthage Land Les Berges Du Lac (15 دقيقة)
This Outdoor Water Park Features A Variety Of Slides & Pools, Plus Some Thrill Rides.

Royal Mausoleum Of Tourbet El Bey (8 دقائق.)
Mausoleum And History

Byrsa Hill (24 دقيقة)
Archaeological Remains Of An Ancient Carthaginian City Later Redeveloped During The Roman Empire.

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نهج عصمان البحري 49, Tunis, تونس


Lat: 36.8109436 Lng: 10.1646414


Hotel Saheb Ettabaa Carte - Tunisia - Tunis



Hotel Saheb Ettabaa - Tunisia - Tunis


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