Huanglong xixuji inn (黄龙溪徐记客栈) phone number and contact number


Huanglong Xixuji Inn

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Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 1 Hr 1

Laojun Mountain (44 Min)

Pengzu Mountain (22 Min)

Huawu Renjian (44 Min)
Common Sunflower

Huanglongxi Ancient Town Scenic Area (Southeast Gate) (3 Min)

Xinglong Lake (38 Min)

Huanglongxi Ancient Town Tourism Area (Northeast Gate) (17 Min)
Cobblestone Streets With Ming- & Qing-Era Stilted Buildings, Plus Ancient Temples & A Water Mill.

Chinese (简体中文)

成都双流国际机场 1 小时 1 分钟

黄龙溪古镇旅游景区(东北门) (17分钟)

花舞人间 (44分钟)

黄龙溪(东南门) (3分钟)

兴隆湖 (38分钟)

彭祖山 (22分钟)

老君山 (44分钟)

Phone Number






80 Xiahe St Shuangliu District Chengdu Sichuan


Lat: 30.313542 Lng: 103.971685


Huanglong Xixuji Inn Map - Sichuan - Chengdu


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