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Toyama Airport 2 Hr 58

Utsukushigahara (1 Hr 18)

信州スカイパーク (長野県松本平広域公園) (13 Min.)

縄手通り商店街 (29 Min.)

Seba Station (10 Min)

旧開智学校 (30 Min.)
日本最古の校舎の 1 つ。1870 年代の校舎内には教育に関する展示物がある。

Hiro-Oka Station (15 Min)

信濃國一之宮 諏訪大社 下社秋宮 (25 Min.)
日本最古の神社の一つである諏訪大社の 2 つの下社。

Shiojiri Eki Higashi Iriguchi (2 Min)

四柱神社 (28 Min.)

高ボッチ山 (34 Min)

日本浮世絵博物館 (21 Min.)

浅間温泉 (38 Min)

諏訪湖 (30 Min)
レクリエーション スポットとしても知られる静かな湖。アニメや映画、コンピュータ ゲームに登場することから人気が高い。

弘法山古墳 (24 Min.)

Midoriko Station (10 Min)

高島城跡 (31 Min.)

松本市美術館 (32 Min.)

Mount Kirigamine (51 Min)

Japanese (日本人)

富山空港(富山きときと空港) 2時間 58分

みどり湖駅 (10 分)

Shinshu Sky Park (13 分.)
Multi-Use Park At Matsumoto Airport, With Running Paths, Sports Courts & Cherry Blooms In Spring.

Mount Kirigamine (51 分)
Sparse Mountain Offering Grass-Covered Terrain, Glider Launch Points & Wintertime Ski-Lifts.

Nawate-Dori (29 分.)
Pedestrian Street With A Lively Vibe Featuring Shops, Cafes, Food Vendors & Frog-Themed Souvenirs.

Takabotchiyama (34 分)
Grassy Plateau With Annual Horse Races, Grazing Cows & Views Of The Japanese Alps & Mount Fuji.

塩尻駅東入口(バス) (2 分)

Matsumoto City Art Museum (32 分.)

Kaichi School (30 分.)
Exhibits & Objects Related To Education Are Housed In An 1870S School, One Of The Oldest In Japan.

Asama Onsen (38 分)
Traditional Hot Springs Spa Featuring Numerous Indoor & Outdoor Pools With Heated & Cold Waters.

Japan Ukiyo-E Museum (21 分.)

Koboyama (Mt.kobo) (24 分.)
Popular Mountain Spot For Spring Cherry Blossom Viewing, With A Hiking Trail & A Mallet Golf Course.

Takashima Castle (31 分.)
Tours Of A Centuries-Old Castle With Scenic Views Of A Namesake Park Known For Its Cherry Blossoms.

Lake Suwa (30 分)
Tranquil Lake & Recreation Spot Popular For Being Featured In Anime, Movies & Computer Games.

Suwa Taisha Shimosha Akimiya (25 分.)
Site Of 2 Shrines Comprising The Lower Section Of Suwa Shrine, One Of Japan's Oldest Shinto Sites.

広丘駅 (15 分)

Yohashira Shrine (28 分.)
Small Traditional Religious Shrine & Popular Destination For Viewing Colorful Autumn Foliage.

Utsukushigahara (1時間 18分)
Peaceful Highlands With Rolling Hills, Pasture Land & An Eclectic Collection Of Outdoor Art.

洗馬駅 (10 分)

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Nagano Pref.,Shiojiri City,Daimon8bancho 12-28


Lat: 36.1143243 Lng: 137.9491887


Inn Ryokuzansou Norikura Kogen Map - Nagano Pref - Shiojiri City


Inn Ryokuzansou Norikura Kogen - Nagano Pref - Shiojiri City

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