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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 54 Min

Foshan Lingnan World (11 Min)
Tree-Shaded Street With Restored Shops & Villas, Now Occupied By Indie Fashion Stores & Restaurants.

Chimelong Safari Park (47 Min)
This 2,000-Acre Wildlife Park Features Animals Viewed From Vehicles, Plus Dining & Souvenirs.

Foshan Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall (12 Min)
Martial Arts

Haizhu Square (44 Min)
Central Meeting Place Offering Gardens With Colorful Flower Beds, River Views & Walking Paths.

Yuexiu Hill (41 Min)
Guangzhou Museum, The Yuexiu Stadium & The Pavilion Of Regaining Are All Found In This City Park.

Liang's Garden (8 Min)

Mount Xiqiao (39 Min)
Known To Be 40- To 50-Million-Years, This Extinct Volcano Is Surrounded By Forest, Cliffs & Temples.

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's Memorial Hall (40 Min)
Built In 1931, This Octagonal 3,240-Seat Memorial Hall Is Dedicated To Former President Sun Yat-Sen.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall (39 Min)
Built In 1894, This Academic Temple Is A Large, Architecturally Notable Complex Exhibiting Artwork.

Qiandeng Lake (8 Min)
Park And Lake

Nanfeng Kiln (21 Min)
Stoneware Workshops At A Centuries-Old Ceramics Hub In A Hilly Landscape, With Dragon-Shaped Kilns.

Temple Of The Six Banyan Trees (42 Min)
Buddhist Temple Complex First Built In 510, Featuring A Main Hall & Flowerlike Pagoda With Relics.

Sacred Heart Cathedral (44 Min)
Soaring 1888 Catholic Cathedral, One Of Only A Few In The World Constructed Completely Of Granite.

Zhenhai Tower (40 Min)
Grand 5-Story Pagoda Now Housing A Historical Museum With Art & Archaeological Relics.

Chinese (简体中文)

广州白云国际机场 54分钟

佛山梁园 (8分钟)

中山纪念堂 (40分钟)

黄飞鸿纪念馆 (12分钟)

六榕寺 (42分钟)
佛教寺庙建筑群,始建于公元 510 年,有一个主殿和花塔遗迹。

南风古灶 (21分钟)

镇海楼 (40分钟)

Mount Xiqiao (39分钟)

佛山岭南天地 (11分钟)

陈家祠 (39分钟)

千灯湖 (8分钟)

石室圣心大教堂 (44分钟)
高耸的 1888 年天主教大教堂,是世界上仅有的少数几座完全由花岗岩建成的大教堂。

长隆野生动物世界 (47分钟)
占地 2,000 英亩的野生动物园,以乘车观赏动物为特色,有餐饮和纪念品商店。

Haizhu Square (44分钟)

越秀山 (41分钟)

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(碧丽饮水设备附近) Wenhua North Rd Chancheng District Foshan Guangdong


Lat: 23.047703 Lng: 113.12778


Jiapan Apartment Map - Guangdong - Foshan


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