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Junyun Hostel

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Ürümqi Diwopu International Airport 33 Min

Xinjiang Museum (11 Min)
Historical Museum Featuring Relics From Different Dynasties, Plus A Collection Of Ancient Mummies.

People's Park (11 Min)

大佛寺 (11 Min)

Urumqi Museum (10 Min)

Hongshan Park (11 Min)

红山公园远眺楼 (13 Min)

Shuimogou Scenic Area (West Gate 1) (10 Min)

Shuimogou Park (8 Min)

Hong Shan (12 Min)
Hilltop Park With Steps Up To A Tower & Multi-Tiered Pagoda Offering Panoramic City Views.

新疆古生态园 (20 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

乌鲁木齐国际机场 33分钟

水磨沟风景区(西一门) (10分钟)

新疆古生态园 (20分钟)

乌鲁木齐人民公园 (11分钟)

红山公园 (12分钟)

水磨沟公园 (8分钟)

大佛寺 (11分钟)

新疆维吾尔自治区博物馆 (11分钟)

Urumqi Museum (10分钟)

红山公园 (11分钟)

红山公园远眺楼 (13分钟)

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(海龙泉酒店红山路店附近) East Ring Viad Tianshan District Urumqi Xinjiang


Lat: 43.8103112 Lng: 87.6329672


Junyun Hostel Map - Xinjiang - Urumqi


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