Juran xiaozhan guest house (承德市居然小栈家庭公寓) phone number and contact number


Juran Xiaozhan Guest House

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Chengde Puning Airport 42 Min

烟雨楼 (9 Min)

Puyousi (9 Min)

Puning Temple (4 Min)
Large Buddhist Temple Complex Built In 1755 With A Towering, 22-M. Wood Statue Of Guanyin.

热河泉 (12 Min)

Wenjin Ge (8 Min)

Pule Temple (7 Min)
Temple, Buddhism, And Architecture

Putuo Zongcheng Temple (5 Min)
Sprawling Mountainside Temple Known For Its Tibetan Architecture, Vibrant Pagodas, Halls & Towers.

Xumi Fushou Temple (16 Min)
Temple And Architecture

Qingchuifeng National Forest Park (10 Min)

Budala Xanadu Scenic Area Ticket Office (4 Min)

Eight Outer Temples (10 Min)
Massive, 1700S Tibetan-Style Temple Complex With Landscaped Gardens & A Huge Statue Of Kwan-Yin.

Anyuan Temple (8 Min)
Temple And History

Chengde Mountain Resort (13 Min)
Mountainside Complex Of Qing Dynasty Palaces, Imperial Gardens & Temples Listed By Unesco.

Chinese (简体中文)

承德普宁机场 42分钟

烟雨楼 (9分钟)

普陀宗乘之庙 (5分钟)

磬锤峰国家森林公园 (10分钟)

热河泉 (12分钟)

须弥福寿之庙 (16分钟)

普乐寺 (7分钟)

外八庙 (10分钟)

布达拉·行宫景区售票处 (4分钟)

安远庙 (8分钟)

普宁寺 (4分钟)

普佑寺 (9分钟)

文津阁 (8分钟)

承德避暑山庄 (13分钟)

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Puning Rd Shuangqiao District Chengde Hebei


Lat: 41.0126762 Lng: 117.9510803


Juran Xiaozhan Guest House Map - Hebei - Chengde


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