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Kamikatsura Pension

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Kansai International Airport 2 Hr 28

Mount Kurama (41 Min)
Known As The Birthplace Of Reiki, This Mountain Features A Hiking Trail With Temples & Shrines.

Shūgakuin Imperial Villa (Shūgakuin-Rikyū) (1 Hr 2)
Striking, 17Th-Century Imperial Villa Offering Tours Of Its Lush Gardens, Cascading Ponds & Pools.

Daikakuji Temple (48 Min)
Temple, Formerly A Royal Villa Built In 814, With A Pond & Traditional Landscape & Rock Gardens.

Kitano-Temmangū Shrine (54 Min)
Historic 10Th-Century Shrine With Gardens & An Annual Tree-Blossom Festival & Tea Ceremony.

Kamigamo-Jinja (52 Min)
This Historic 7Th-Century Shinto Shrine Complex Is Full Of Trees & Set On The Banks Of A River.

Sanzen-In Temple (58 Min)
Venerable Buddhist Temple Founded In 784 Ce & A Garden Known For Summer Hydrangeas & Autumn Leaves.

Daitoku-Ji (50 Min)
Famed For Its Gardens, This Sprawling Buddhist Temple Complex Is Part Of The Rinzai Zen Sect.

Kyoto Botanical Gardens (54 Min)
Expansive Botanical Garden Showcasing A Large Array Of Exotic Plants In A Tranquil Setting.

Kinkaku-Ji (51 Min)
Historic, Tranquil Temple With A Gold-Leaf Facade Set Amid Landscaped Gardens & A Reflecting Pond.

Ninna-Ji (49 Min)
This Historic Buddhist Temple Featuring Picturesque Gardens & A 5-Story Pagoda Was Founded In 886.

Kifune Shrine (38 Min)
Intimate Shinto Shrine With A Verdant Mountainside Setting, Reached By A Lantern-Lined Path.

Kurama-Dera Temple (42 Min)
Historic Buddhist Temple Set On A Mountainside, With Access Via A Cable Car Or Up Hundreds Of Steps.

Shimogamo-Jinja (57 Min)
Legendary 2,000-Year-Old Shrine & Excavation Site Set In A Tranquil, Riverside Forest.

Ryōan-Ji (49 Min)
On The Scenic Grounds Of This 15Th-Century Temple Is A Famous Zen Rock Garden & A Yudofu Restaurant.

Miyama Kayabuki-No-Sato (33 Min)
Historic Hamlet Surrounded By Mountains, Known For Its Houses With Traditional Thatched Roofs.

Japanese (日本人)

関西国際空港 2時間 28分

龍安寺 (49 分)
15 世紀建立の寺。風光明媚な境内には、禅の思想が息づく有名な石庭と湯豆腐の店がある。

上賀茂神社 (52 分)
7 世紀建立の由緒ある神社。境内は木々が生い茂る賀茂川沿いにある。

鞍馬寺 (42 分)

仁和寺 (49 分)
886 年創建の美しい庭園と五重塔で知られる由緒ある仏教寺院。

修学院離宮 (1時間 2分)
17 世紀に造営された美しい離宮。緑豊かな庭園、滝のある池などを見学できる。

美山 かやぶきの里・北村 (33 分)

大徳寺 (50 分)

貴布袮総本宮 貴船神社 (38 分)

金閣寺 (51 分)

京都府立植物園 (54 分)

北野天満宮 (54 分)
庭園がある由緒ある 10 世紀の神社。梅花祭や献茶祭が毎年行われる。

鞍馬山 (41 分)

大覚寺 (48 分)
814 年建立の寺院。前身は天皇の離宮。池や石庭などの伝統的な景観を楽しめる。

三千院 (58 分)
784 年に建立された由緒ある仏教寺院。初夏の紫陽花や秋の紅葉が有名。

賀茂御祖神社 (下鴨神社) (57 分)
静かな川沿いの森にある有名な 2,000 年の歴史がある神社。発掘調査現場もある。

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Kyoto Pref.,Kyoto City Ukyo Ward,Keihoku-idocho Maruyama 23-1


Lat: 35.1987219 Lng: 135.6843694


Kamikatsura Pension Map - Kyoto Pref - Kyoto City Ukyo Ward


Kamikatsura Pension - Kyoto Pref - Kyoto City Ukyo Ward

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