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Lux apartment phone number and contact number

Lux Apartment

Lux Apartment

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Летище Варна 2 Hr 6

Regional Historical Museum (7 Min)
Regional History Museum Featuring A Collection Of Artwork, Tools, Weaponry & Crafts.

Ecomuseum (6 Min)

Rock-Hewn Churches Of Ivanovo (29 Min)
Famous Site Of A 13Th-Century Monastery Complex Carved Out Of Rock, Featuring Preserved Frescoes.

Dohodno Zdanie (7 Min)

Rusenski Lom Nature Park (26 Min)
Expansive Reserve Of Forests & River Valleys, With Medieval Rock Churches, Hiking & Birdwatching.

Giurgiu-Ruse Friendship Bridge (18 Min)

Basarbovo Monastery (16 Min)
Medieval-Era Monastery Complex Carved Out Of Mountain Caves, With Original Art & Guided Tours.

National Transport Museum (7 Min)

Pantheon Of National Revival Heroes (14 Min)

Monument Of Liberty (6 Min)

Church Sveta Troitsa (8 Min)

Municipal Tourist Information Center (7 Min)

Museum Of Urban Life Kaliopa House (10 Min)

Sv. Pavel Ot Krasta (4 Min)
Cathedral And Church

Sexaginta Prista (5 Min)
Monastery And Museum

Bulgarian (Български)

Летище Варна 2 Ч 6

Dohodno Zdanie (7 Мин)

Sv. Pavel Ot Krasta (4 Мин)

Rock-Hewn Churches Of Ivanovo (29 Мин)
Sit Renumit Al Unui Complex De Mânăstiri Sculptate Din Piatră În Secolul Al Xiii-Lea, Cu Fresce Conservate.

Sexaginta Prista (5 Мин)

Church Sveta Troitsa (8 Мин)

Mănăstirea Sfântul Dimitrie Basarabov (16 Мин)

National Transport Museum (7 Мин)

Pantheon Of National Revival Heroes (14 Мин)

Museum Of Urban Life Kaliopa House (10 Мин)

Ecomuseum (6 Мин)

Giurgiu-Ruse Friendship Bridge (18 Мин)

Rusenski Lom Nature Park (26 Мин)

Regional Historical Museum (7 Мин)
Muzeu De Istorie Regională Cu O Colecție De Opere De Artă, Unelte, Arme Și Obiecte Meșteșugărești.

Municipal Tourist Information Center (7 Мин)

Monumentul Libertății (6 Мин)

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6 Ulitsa Tsaribrod, 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria


Lat: 43.84709 Lng: 25.9493604


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