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Marine House Lodge

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Kansai International Airport 2 Hr 50

Chionji Temple (21 Min)
Known For Its Monthly Flea Market, This Temple Complex Features A Massive Wooden Gateway & Shrine.

Motoise Kono Shrine (31 Min)

Chie Hot Spring (20 Min)
Small Hot Spring Next To A Train Station With Indoor & Outdoor Baths Known For Sodium-Rich Water.

Mt. Oe (54 Min)
Scenic Hiking Locale Offering Marked Trails To The Summit For Views Of The Surrounding Mountains.

Amanohashidate Viewland (22 Min)

Uocchikan (13 Min)
Aquarium Featuring Thousands Of Fish In Tanks & Interactive Pools, Plus Penguins & Seals.

Kasamatsu Park (35 Min)

Funaya (51 Min)
Small Fishing Village Offering Scenic Water Views, Local Shops & Restaurants In A Peaceful Setting.

Amanohashidate Beach (22 Min)

Maizuru Port Tore Tore Center Roadside Rest Area (18 Min)
One Of The Largest Seafood Markets In Japan Is Found At This Roadside Destination With Services.

Miyazu Bay (16 Min)

Amanohashidate (21 Min)
This 3.6Km Sandbar Is Known For Its Picturesque Views, Beaches & Thousands Of Pine Trees.

Maizuru Red Brick Park (32 Min)

Nariaiji Temple (35 Min)
Historic Buddhist Temple With An Observatory Platform Offering Views Of The Amanohashidate Sandbar.

Manai Shrine (34 Min)
Stairs Lead To A Peaceful Shrine On A Forested Hilltop, Centered On A Divine Water Source.

Japanese (日本人)

関西国際空港 2時間 50分

天橋立海水浴場 (22 分)

天橋立ビューランド (22 分)

伊根の舟屋 (51 分)

大江山 (54 分)

丹後魚っ知館 (13 分)

道の駅 舞鶴港とれとれセンター (18 分)

舞鶴赤れんがパーク (32 分)

丹後國一之宮 元伊勢 籠(この)神社 (31 分)

智恩寺 (21 分)

智恵の湯 (20 分)

眞名井神社(籠神社奥宮) (34 分)

天橋立傘松公園 (35 分)

宮津湾 (16 分)

天橋立 (21 分)
長さ 3.6 Km の砂洲。美しい景観、砂浜、数千本もの松林で有名。

成相山 成相寺 (35 分)

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Title :
京都丹後の宮津 由良浜 ペンション マリンハウス 創作料理 田舎で休日をお過ごし下さい
Keywords :
カニ, 料理, 田舎, ペンション, 丹後, グルメ, おいしい食事, 温泉, アットホーム




Kyoto Pref.,Miyazu City,Yura 3178


Lat: 35.5220177 Lng: 135.2748025


Marine House Lodge Map - Kyoto Pref - Miyazu City


Marine House Lodge - Kyoto Pref - Miyazu City

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