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Nanfang Jinshi Inn

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Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport 17 Min

Laodaowan Scenic Area (26 Min)

Tianmenshan Cableway (8 Min)
Cable Cars Take Visitors To The Summit Of Tianmen Mountain, With A Temple & Nearby Cave.

Tujia Folk Customs Park (12 Min)
Cultural Park With Traditional Tujia Architecture, Featuring Folk Performances, Relics & Food.

Puguang Temple (13 Min)

天门山风景区 (43 Min)

Dayong Town (15 Min)

Tianmen Fairy Mountain (North Gate) (8 Min)

Zhangjiajie Junsheng Painting Institute (13 Min)
Art And Painting

Zhangjiajie Museum (12 Min)

Tianmen Mountain (2 Hr 55)
A Cable Car Takes Visitors To The Top Of This Mountain, Which Has A Buddhist Temple At Its Summit.

黄狮寨 (29 Min)

田家大院 (18 Min)

Tianmen Mountain National Park (2 Hr 56)
Forest, Mountain, And Park

Tianmenshan Temple (2 Hr 56)
Mountain, Temple, And Buddhism

Chinese (简体中文)

荷花机场 17分钟

Tianmen Mountain National Park (2 小时 56 分钟)

天门山风景区 (43分钟)

田家大院 (18分钟)

天门山 (8分钟)

普光禅寺 (13分钟)

黄狮寨 (29分钟)

天门山寺 (2 小时 56 分钟)

张家界市博物馆 (12分钟)

天门仙山(北门) (8分钟)

天门山 (2 小时 55 分钟)

土家风情园 (12分钟)

军声画院 (13分钟)

老道湾景区 (26分钟)

大庸府城 (15分钟)

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Shuangxia Tunnel Yongding District Zhangjiajie Hunan


Lat: 29.095673 Lng: 110.47872


Nanfang Jinshi Inn Map - Hunan - Zhangjiajie


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