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Residene El Yasmine

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Aéroport De Djerba 37 Min

Arabic (عربى)

مطار جربة مليتا الدولي 37 دقيقة

Seguia (8 دقائق)
A Sandy Beach Runs Alongside This Lagoon With A Bustling Spot At One End For Boating.

Plage De La Seguia (8 دقائق)

Djerba Crocodile Farm (7 دقائق)
Large Crocodile Zoo With Feeding Shows, Other Assorted Reptiles & A Historical Museum.

Lalla Hadria Museum (8 دقائق)

Touristique Zone (8 دقائق)

Djerba Golf Club (13 دقيقة)

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Djerba, مدنين


Lat: 33.799116 Lng: 11.02469


Residene El Yasmine Carte - Tunisia - Djerba


Residene El Yasmine - Tunisia - Djerba

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