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Toyama Airport 1 Hr 37

Zenkō-Ji Temple (10 Min)
The Picturesque Grounds Of This 7Th-Century Buddhist Temple Include A Garden & Treasure House.

Jōyama Zoo (10 Min)
No-Cost Zoo With Animals Such As Sea Lions, Penguins & Monkeys, Plus Some Rides & Play Equipment.

Mount Iizuna (36 Min)
Prominent Mountain Featuring Several Climbing Routes, Campgrounds & A Bobsleigh & Luge Course.

Jōyama Park (7 Min)
Life-Size Models Of Dinosaurs, Many With Built-In Slides, In A Picturesque Park With Picnic Spots.

Zenkoji Omotesando (8 Min)

Iizuna Kogen Ski Area (27 Min)

Kids’ Ninja Village (42 Min)
Indoor/outdoor Children's Theme Park With Ninja Games Like Blow Darts Or Ninja Star Throwing.

Hokusai-Kan Museum (31 Min)
Museum Featuring Paintings & Wood-Block Prints By The Famous Ukiyo-E Artist Katsushika Hokusai.

Chausuyama Zoo (33 Min)
City Zoo With Panoramic Views, Animals On Display, A Botanical Garden & A Kids' Play Area.

Lake Nojiri (40 Min)
Surrounded By Mountains, This Scenic Lake Offers Seasonal Recreation Options & Museum Of Prehistory.

Kawanakajima Battleground (14 Min)
Large Park On The Site Of A 1500S Battlefield, With Historical Exhibits, Paths & Leafy Picnic Areas.

Garyu Park (24 Min)
Zone With A Small Zoo, Cafes & Pine Forest Trails, Plus A Lake Ringed With Seasonal Cherry Blossoms.

Shinano Art Museum & Higashiyama Kaii Gallery, Nagano Prefecture (8 Min)
Art Museum, Painting, Art Exhibition, Art, And Museum

Matsushiro Castle (22 Min)
The Original Castle On This Site Was Built In 1560 Although The Current Version Is A Reconstruction.

Togakushi-Jinja (39 Min)
Shinto Site Consisting Of 5 Shrines, With Paths Lined By Soaring Japanese Cedar Trees.

Japanese (日本人)

富山空港(富山きときと空港) 1時間 37分

善光寺表参道 (8 分)

忍者の里チビッ子忍者村 (42 分)

戸隠神社中社 (39 分)
5 社からなる神社。境内には高くそびえる杉の並木がある。

臥竜公園 (24 分)

長野市茶臼山動物園 (33 分)

城山公園 (7 分)

飯綱高原スキー場 (27 分)

川中島古戦場 (14 分)
1500 年代の古戦場跡地を利用して作られた広大な公園。歴史博物館のほか、散歩道や木々に囲まれたピクニック エリアがある。

松代城 内堀跡 (22 分)
再建された城。最初の城は 1560 年に築城された。

北斎館 (31 分)

飯縄山 (36 分)

城山動物園 (10 分)

Lake Nojiri (40 分)

善光寺 (10 分)
庭園や宝物館がある美しい境内で知られる 7 世紀の仏教寺院。

長野県信濃美術館・東山魁夷館 (8 分)

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Nagano Pref.,Nagano City,Tsuruga Nanasenanbu 485-5


Lat: 36.6445107 Lng: 138.1968872

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