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Suzuki Ryokan

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New Chitose Airport 2 Hr 27

北西の丘 展望公園 (14 Min.)

Miyamatoge Art Park &lavender Field (1 Min)
Art Art Museum And Museum

Tomita Farm (16 Min.)
Flower Farm Featuring Vast Lavender Fields (Seasonal) & A Shop For Lavender Ice Cream Food & Drink.

マイルドセブンの丘 (14 Min)

白ひげの滝 (24 Min)

日の出公園 (9 Min.)

ぜるぶの丘 (13 Min.)

拓真館 (9 Min)

かんのファーム (4 Min.)

フラワーランドかみふらの (9 Min)

白金青い池 (20 Min)

新栄の丘展望公園 (8 Min)

道の駅 びえい「丘のくら」 (13 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

新千歳空港 2時間 27分

Flower Land Kamifurano (9 分)
Visitor-Oriented Flower Farm With A Store For Gifts & Fresh Melons, Plus A Restaurant.

Mild Seven Hills (14 分)

Shirahige Waterfall (24 分)
Also Known As The White Beard Waterfall, This Cascading Water Turns Cobalt Blue In The Basin.

Shinei-No-Oka Observatory Park (8 分)

Takushinkan (9 分)

Hokusei-No-Oka Observatory Park (14 分.)

深山峠(バス)(旭川空港線・下り) (6 分)

Hinode Park (9 分.)
Seasonal Park Featuring Rolling Fields With Lavendar & Colorful Flowers, Plus Camping Grounds.

Zerubu Hill (13 分.)

深山峠アートパーク (1 分)

Patchwork Road (14 分.)

Shirogane Blue Pond (20 分)
Reachable By A Short Hike, This Manmade Pond Draws Nature Lovers For Its Blue Hue & Tranquility.

ファーム富田 (16 分.)
広大なラベンダー畑が有名なフラワー ファーム(季節限定)。ラベンダー アイスクリームをはじめ、軽食や飲み物を提供するカフェも併設。

Biei Michi-No-Eki Oka-No-Kura (13 分.)
Small Roadside Outpost With A Souvenir Shop, Casual Dining, Ice Cream & Other Snacks.

Kanno Farm (4 分.)
Flower Farm With Vast Fields Of Colorful Blooms Across A Rolling Landscape Visible From The Top.

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Hokkaido,Kamifurano Town,Sorachi District,Nishi8senkita 34号3664-7


Lat: 43.518378 Lng: 142.4508291


Suzuki Ryokan Map - Hokkaido - Kamifurano Townsorachi District


Suzuki Ryokan - Hokkaido - Kamifurano Townsorachi District

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