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Luoyang Beijiao Airport 42 Min

Sui And Tang Luoyang City National Heritage Park Ticket Selling (23 Min)

National Mudanyuan (27 Min)

Sui-Tang Site Botanical Garden (West Gate) (12 Min)

Luoyang Longmen Aquarium (11 Min)

应天门遗址 (19 Min)
Archaeological Site And Architecture

Lijingmen Scenic Area (22 Min)

White Horse Temple (35 Min)
Thought To Be The First Buddhist Temple In China, This Sizable Complex Was Completed In 68 Ad.

Luoyang Museum (12 Min)
Museum Showcasing The Cultural Heritage Of Luoyang With Artifacts From Stone Carvings To Pottery.

Luoyang Ancient Tombs Museum (29 Min)
Complex Of Underground Tombs Spanning 3,000 Years, With Frescoes & Displays Of Burial Objects.

Longmen Grottoes (18 Min)
Vast, Unesco–Listed Site With Thousands Of Statues Of Buddha Carved In Caves Excavated From Cliffs.

Dingdingmen Site Museum (8 Min)

Luoyang Zhouwangcheng Emperor Six Horses Carriage Museum (24 Min)
Museum And Archaeological Site

Xiyuan Park (21 Min)

Guanlin Temple (10 Min)
Temple From The 1500S & Burial Place Of Honored General Guan Yu, With Ornate Statues & Grand Halls.

Chinese (简体中文)

洛阳北郊机场 42分钟

洛阳博物馆 (12分钟)

隋唐洛阳城国家遗址公园 (23分钟)

西苑公园 (21分钟)

洛阳龙门海洋馆 (11分钟)

丽景门景区 (22分钟)

天子驾六博物馆 (24分钟)

白马寺 (35分钟)
该寺庙群建规模庞大,建于公元 68 年,被认为是中国第一座佛教寺庙。

洛阳古代艺术博物馆 (29分钟)

定鼎门遗址博物馆 (8分钟)

龙门石窟 (18分钟)

中国国家牡丹园 (27分钟)

关林 (10分钟)

应天门遗址 (19分钟)

隋唐城遗址植物园 (12分钟)

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Shuixilong St Luolong District Luoyang Henan


Lat: 34.615364 Lng: 112.461713


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