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Wuyang Mansion Hotel

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Hangzhou International Airport 31 Min

Three Pools Mirroring The Moon (38 Min)
Three 2M-High Stone Qing Dynasty Pagodas Erected In 1699 In South West Lake & Often Lit At Night.

Jingci Temple (12 Min)
Centuries-Old, Hillside Monastery With A Gold Statue & Views Over The Leifeng Pagoda Complex.

Xixi National Wetland Park (40 Min)
Wetland Park With Numerous Ponds & Lakes, Plus A Botanical Garden, Restaurants, Events & Festivals.

Liuhe Pagoda (16 Min)
7-Story 5Th-Century Pagoda, With Views Of The Qiantang River Bridge From The Top.

Former Residence Of Hu Xueyan (6 Min)
Former Home Of Famed Merchant Hu Xueyan, Built In 1872 And Showcasing High Qing Dynasty Style.

Yue Fei Temple (17 Min)
Ornate, Historic Temple Built In Honor Of A Dynasty General, With Statues & Tranquil Gardens.

Su Causeway (23 Min)
Celebrated Lake Causeway Featuring A Paved Walking Path Lined With Willow Trees & Stunning Views.

West Lake (35 Min)
Ringed By Mountains & Woods, This Scenic, Iconic Lake Features Numerous Temples, Pagodas & Gardens.

Wulin Square (12 Min)
Transport Hub & Public Plaza With A Musical Fountain Show, Plus Nearby Shopping Malls.

China National Tea Museum (21 Min)
Museum Dedicated To The History & Culture Of Tea In China, With Exhibits, Ceremonies & Tastings.

Feilaifeng Grottoes (32 Min)
Temple, Lake, And Buddhism

Leifeng Pagoda (12 Min)
Originally Built In The 975 A.d., This 5-Story Pagoda, Which Collapsed In 1924 Was Rebuilt In 2002.

西湖十景 (19 Min)
Artificial Island Only Reachable By Boat, Known For Ornate Huxin Pavilion And Views Of West Lake.

Hangzhou Botanical Garden (23 Min)
Botanical Garden Attraction Split Into Pleasure & Research Areas With Many Landscaped Zones.

Lingyin Temple (32 Min)
City's Oldest Buddhist Temple, Dating From 328 Ce & Rebuilt After Being Damaged By Fires & Warfare.

Chinese (简体中文)

杭州萧山国际机场 31分钟

六和塔 (16分钟)

飞来峰造像 (32分钟)

西湖十景 (19分钟)

西溪国家湿地公园 (40分钟)

三潭印月 (38分钟)

胡雪岩故居 (6分钟)

中国茶叶博物馆 (21分钟)

勅建净慈禅寺 (12分钟)

雷峰塔 (12分钟)
这座 5 层高的宝塔始建于公元 975 年,1924 年倒塌后于 2002 年重建。

西湖 (35分钟)

苏堤 (23分钟)

灵隐寺 (32分钟)
城市最古老的佛教寺庙,可追溯到公元 328 年,曾遭火灾和战争损坏,经重建而成。

杭州植物园 (23分钟)

武林广场 (12分钟)

杭州岳王庙 (17分钟)

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No.199 Jiefang Rd Shangcheng District Hangzhou Zhejiang


Lat: 30.250301 Lng: 120.17014


Wuyang Mansion Hotel Map - Zhejiang - Hangzhou



Wuyang Mansion Hotel - Zhejiang - Hangzhou


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