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Wuyishan Water Village No 8 Holiday Resort

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Wuyishan Airport 12 Min

Tianyoufeng Scenic Area (27 Min)
Peak Accessed By 800+ Steps Offering Lookouts Over Nine-Bend River & The Surrounding Slopes.

九曲溪竹筏码头 (26 Min)

云窝 (28 Min)

虎啸岩景区 (26 Min)

Wuyi Palace (14 Min)
Wuyi Mountain Palace Dating To The 8Th Century, With A Museum & A Song Dynasty-Themed Street.

玉女峰 (28 Min)

Yixiantian Scenic Area (24 Min)

Dahongpao (Scarlet Robe) Tea Trees Scenic Area (15 Min)

Jiuquxi (26 Min)
Guides Paddle Bamboo Rafts Along A Calm, Meandering River Amid Towering, Forested Cliffs.

Impression Dahongpao (12 Min)

大王峰 (13 Min)

Water Curtain Cave Scenic Area (10 Min)

Wuyishan Scenery Spot (9 Min)

Wuyi Mountain (14 Min)
Nature Reserve Featuring Forested Mountains & Tranquil Stretches Of River, Plus A Palace.

Xiamei (11 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

武夷山机场 12分钟

九曲溪 (26分钟)

印象大红袍 (12分钟)

云窝 (28分钟)

大红袍景区 (15分钟)

九曲溪竹筏码头 (26分钟)

武夷山风景名胜区 (9分钟)

武夷山 (14分钟)

水帘洞景区 (10分钟)

虎啸岩景区 (26分钟)

下梅 (11分钟)

玉女峰 (28分钟)

武夷宫 (14分钟)

天游峰景区 (27分钟)

一线天景区 (24分钟)

大王峰 (13分钟)

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Wuyishan Shuizhuang Phase 1 Villa No.8 Resort Manor Bajiaoting Rd Wuyishan Nanping Fujian


Lat: 27.676589 Lng: 118.002631


Wuyishan Water Village No 8 Holiday Resort Map - Fujian - Nanping


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