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Beijing Capital International Airport 1 Hr 50

Wohu Mountain Great Wall (39 Min)

Simatai (24 Min)
Historic Stretch Of The Great Wall Known For Its Rustic Appearance, Beacon Towers & Steep Ascents.

Zhenyuan Escort (2 Min)

Simatai Great Wall Tourist Area (5 Min)

Panlong Mountain Great Wall Scenic Spot (36 Min)

Jinshanling (49 Min)
Natural Area Featuring An Ample Section Of The Great Wall Of China & Striking Views.

Wuling Mountain Scenic Area (2 Hr 25)

Ancient Great Wall Gubeikou (35 Min)

Wuling Xifeng Scenic Area (45 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

北京首都国际机场 1 小时 50 分钟

蟠龙山长城景区 (36分钟)

卧虎山长城景区 (39分钟)

雾灵西峰景区 (45分钟)

雾灵山风景区 (2 小时 25 分钟)

金山岭长城 (49分钟)

司马台长城 (24分钟)

古北口古长城 (35分钟)

司马台长城旅游区 (5分钟)

震远镖局 (2分钟)

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Meishi St Miyun District Beijing


Lat: 40.65341 Lng: 117.27716


Xichen Inn Map - Beijing - Miyun District


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