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Yatsugatake lodge (カントリーイン ザ クラシック) phone number and contact number

Yatsugatake Lodge

Yatsugatake Lodge

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In Addition To A Cafe, There's An Airy, European Style Restaurant That Has Hardwood Floors. Other Amenities Include A Whirlpool Tub And Gardens. Simple, Conservatively Furnished Rooms Offer Flat Screen Tvs And Countryside Views. Check In Time: 3:00 Pmcheck Out Time: 10:00 Am. Set On Lush Grounds, This Relaxed Inn In A Rural Setting Lies 2 Km From Kiyosato Train Station, And 6 Km From Skiing At Sun Meadows Kiyosato Highland Park
Japanese (日本人)
緑豊かな田園地帯に建つ、白しっくい塗りに赤タイルの屋根の建物。落ち着いた宿は、清里駅から、2 Km、サンメドウズ清里ハイランドパークのスキー場と眺望から 6 Km。伝統的でシンプルな内装の客室。薄型テレビ付きで、田舎の風景が楽しめる。床が堅木張りの広々としたヨーロピアン スタイル レストランを併設。天窓付きのカフェ、泡風呂、庭園あり。チェックイン時刻: 15:00 チェックアウト時刻: 10:00 .

Shinshu-Matsumoto Airport 1 Hr 15

赤岳 (57 Min)

横岳 (28 Min)

横岳 (28 Min)

Kai- Izumi Station (12 Min)

権現岳 (57 Min)

吐竜の滝 (9 Min)

天狗岳 (1 Hr 7)

瑞牆山 (38 Min)

シャトレーゼスキーリゾート八ケ岳 (13 Min)

Yamataka Jindai Sakura (33 Min.)

ハイジの村 (27 Min.)

編笠山 (50 Min)

飯盛山 (18 Min)

Japanese (日本人)

松本空港(信州まつもと空港) 1時間 15分

増富ラジウム温泉峡 (36 分.)
Public Onsen Baths On Thermal Springs, Plus Shinto Shrines & Angling Spots On The Hontani River.

Mt. Amigasa (50 分)
Yatsugatake Range Peak Noted For Its Rounded Summit With Sweeping Views, Reached By A Day Hike.

Mount Tengu (1時間 7分)
2,646M Peak Named After A Mythological Creature & Popular With Hikers & Climbers, With Scenic Views.

Mt. Yokodake (28 分)
Featuring Multiple Peaks, This Rocky Mountain Includes A Popular Loop Trail & Scenic Mt. Fuji Views.

Mt. Iimori (18 分)
Popular Trekking Area With A Summit Overlooking Mount Fuji & Nearby Peaks, Plus A Warrior Memorial.

Heidi's Village (27 分.)

Chateraise Ski Resort Yatsugatake (13 分)
Small Ski Resort With Kid-Friendly Slopes, A Dessert Shop & Sweeping Views Across The Japanese Alps.

Mt. Yokodake (28 分)
Scenic Peak Within The Yatsugatake Mountain Range Known For Its Volcanic Crate, Lava Dome & Views.

山梨県立 まきば公園 (9 分)
Picturesque Mountainside Park With Fields Where Visitors Can Pet Goats, Sheep & Cows, Plus A Cafe.

Mt. Gongen (57 分)
An Observation Platform Houses 1 Of A Pair Of Bells Commemorating The Wwii Atomic Bombings.

Mount Aka (57 分)
2,899M-Tall Peak, Highest Of The Yatsugatake Mountains, With Views Of Mt. Fuji From The Top.

甲斐大泉駅 (12 分)

Jindai-Zakura, Hokuto (33 分.)
One Of The Three Major Trees In Japan Estimated To Be 2,000 Years Old, Famous In Cherry Blossom.

Mount Mizugaki (38 分)
2,230-M. Forested Mountain Offering Year-Round Trekking & Panoramic Views Alongside Camping.

Doryu Falls (9 分)
Scenic Spot With A Short Path To A Waterfall With Several Threadlike Cascades Amid Rocks & Greenery.

Phone Number



Title :
カントリー イン ザ クラシック【公式サイト】
Description :
山梨県八ヶ岳の稜線を見渡す広い牧草地、清里高原にひっそり佇むCounty Inn The Classic。土地の素材にこだわり、旬の美味しさを詰め込んだフレンチに、きめ細やかなおもてなし。八ヶ岳の自然に包まれて、自然を大切にした特別な時間と空間をご体感下さい。皆様のご予約をお得なプランでお待ちしております。
Keywords :
カントリーインザクラシック, CountyInnTheClassic, 山梨県, 清里, 高原, 八ヶ岳, フレンチ, フルコース, アンティーク, 旅行, 観光, 宿泊, 予約, プラン




Yamanashi Pref.,Hokuto City,Takanecho-kiyosato 3545-273


Lat: 35.9112778 Lng: 138.4457974


Yatsugatake Lodge Map - Yamanashi Pref - Hokuto City

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