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Yinxi Yishe Hostel

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Tunxi Airport 55 Min

Huangshan Ciguang Pavilion (18 Min)
Mountaineering And Hot Spring

Shuimo Hongcun (12 Min)

Huangshan Hot Spring (16 Min)
Hot Spring

狮子峰 (11 Min)

黄山狮林大酒店 (11 Min)

Guang Ming Ding (1 Hr 5)
Scenic Peak Within The Huangshan Mountain Range Features Sunrise Views, Hiking Trails & Wildlife.

Lotus Peak (1 Hr 11)
1,864M-High Peak In The Huangshan Mountain Range, Resembling A Lotus Flower, With Hiking Trails.

迎客松 (36 Min)
Mountain Spot Famed For Native Pine Trees With Curving Branches Growing From Rugged Rock Faces.

Huangshan Scenic Area (1 Hr 38)
This Popular Natural Destination Features Towering Peaks, Hot Springs & Glacial Landforms.

Jiulong Waterfall (Southeast Gate) (14 Min)

狮子峰 (11 Min)

Huangshan Jade Valley (Lovers' Valley) Scenic Area (17 Min)

Aoyu Peak (54 Min)

步仙桥 (1 Hr 7)

Huangshan Mountain (1 Hr 17)
The Jagged Granite Peaks Of This Range Constitute One Of China's Most Photographed Attractions.

Chinese (简体中文)

黄山机场 55分钟

翡翠谷 (17分钟)

光明顶 (1 小时 5 分钟)

水墨宏村 (12分钟)

狮子峰 (11分钟)

黄山风景区 (1 小时 38 分钟)

鳌鱼峰 (54分钟)

黄山 (1 小时 17 分钟)

莲花峰 (1 小时 11 分钟)

慈光阁 (18分钟)

黄山狮林大酒店 (11分钟)

九龙瀑 (14分钟)

步仙桥 (1 小时 7 分钟)

黄山温泉 (16分钟)

迎客松 (36分钟)

狮子峰 (11分钟)

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Fangcun Rd Huizhou District Huangshan Anhui


Lat: 30.0435 Lng: 118.168466


Yinxi Yishe Hostel Map - Anhui - Huangshan



Yinxi Yishe Hostel - Anhui - Huangshan


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