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Yipingju Inn Wugongshan

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Yichun Mingyueshan Airport 1 Hr 26

Wugongshan Scenic Area (2 Hr 22)

Fayunjie (36 Min)

明月山 (49 Min)
Hot Spring

Autumn Harvest Uprising Martyrs' Cemetery (North Gate) (36 Min)

Mingyue Mountain (2 Hr 5)
Hot Spring And Mountain

Wugong Mountains (5 Min)
Landmark Peak Featuring Popular Hiking Trails, Waterfalls, Sacred Temples & Ancient Stone Altars.

Chinese (简体中文)

明月山机场 1 小时 26 分钟

明月山 (2 小时 5 分钟)

武功山风景区 (2 小时 22 分钟)

明月山 (49分钟)

秋收起义烈士陵园(北门) (36分钟)

发云界 (36分钟)

武功山 (5分钟)

Phone Number






X164 Luxi County Pingxiang Jiangxi


Lat: 27.469992 Lng: 114.15388


Yipingju Inn Wugongshan Map - Jiangxi - Pingxiang


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