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Zhenyuan Shuizhilan Inn

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Kaili Huangping Airport 1 Hr 11

Zhenyuan Ancient Town (11 Min)
Mazelike Ancient Settlement Between A River & Mountain, Plus A Later Temple Complex Set In A Cave.

China Lishiwenhua Mingcheng Zhenyuan Museum (7 Min)

舞阳河风景名胜区 (7 Min)

Temple Of The Queen Of Heaven (19 Min)

Qinglongdong Ancient Architectural Complex (4 Min)
Historic Site And History

舞阳河 (29 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

凯里黄平机场 1 小时 11 分钟

镇远古镇 (11分钟)

青龙洞 (4分钟)

天后宫 (19分钟)

舞阳河 (29分钟)

中国历史文化名城镇远博物馆 (7分钟)

舞阳河风景名胜区 (7分钟)

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(枕河居客栈附近) Xinglong St Zhenyuan County Qiandongnan Aut. Prefecture Guizhou


Lat: 27.050899 Lng: 108.431969


Zhenyuan Shuizhilan Inn Map - Guizhou - Qiandongnan Aut. Prefecture


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