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1917 Express Apartment Hotel

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Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport 45 Min

Henan Museum (15 Min)
History Museum With Bronze & Jade Artifacts, Pottery & An Exhibition On Ancient Chinese Astronomy.

Yellow River Museum (16 Min)

Zhengzhou Zoo (13 Min)
Zoo And Gorillas

Zhengzhou Zijingshan Park (North Gate) (8 Min)

Zhengzhou City God Temple (South Gate) (9 Min)

City God Temple (9 Min)

Zhengzhou Acient Shang Dynasty City Ruins (10 Min)
History And Park

Zhongyuan Tower (25 Min)

Bisha Hillock (16 Min)

People's Park (11 Min)

Century Amusement Park (East Gate) (21 Min)
Amusement Park

Erqi Memorial Tower (14 Min)
Architecture, Historic Site, And History

Chinese (简体中文)

郑州新郑国际机场 45分钟

郑州世纪欢乐园 (21分钟)

郑州动物园 (13分钟)

郑州城隍庙(南门) (9分钟)

碧沙岗公园 (16分钟)

中原福塔 (25分钟)

郑州市紫荆山公园 (8分钟)

城隍庙 (9分钟)

二七纪念塔 (14分钟)

人民公园 (11分钟)

郑州商代遗址 (10分钟)

河南博物院 (15分钟)

黄河博物馆 (16分钟)

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(郑州市第一按摩医院附近) Renmin Rd Zhengzhou Henan


Lat: 34.757233 Lng: 113.673035


1917 Express Apartment Hotel Map - Henan - Zhengzhou


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