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Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co Ltd Hotel

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Handan Airport 1 Hr 8

Sanjiaohu Park (18 Min)

Anyang Tianning Temple (17 Min)

Yuanshikai Mu (18 Min)

Yinxu Royal Tomb Historic Site (13 Min)
Archaeological Site And History

Youli Castle Site (44 Min)

Mashi Manor (22 Min)

文峰塔 (17 Min)

Cao Cao Mausoleum (32 Min)
Mausoleum, Archaeological Site, And Tomb

Anyang Museum (27 Min)

Huanshuiwan Hot Spring Tourism Area (28 Min)
Hot Spring

Yinxu (10 Min)
Major Archeological Find With An Ancient Tomb & Temple & Statue Of China's 1St Female General.

National Museum Of Chinese Writing (22 Min)

Tomb Of Fu Hao (11 Min)
Mausoleum, Archaeological Excavation, Elephant, And Tomb

Chinese (简体中文)

邯郸机场 1 小时 8 分钟

Tomb Of Fu Hao (11分钟)

殷墟 (10分钟)

曹操高陵 (32分钟)

中国文字博物馆 (22分钟)

殷墟王陵遗址 (13分钟)

羑里城遗址 (44分钟)

安阳博物馆 (27分钟)

马氏庄园 (22分钟)

文峰塔 (17分钟)

天宁寺塔 (17分钟)

三角湖公园 (18分钟)

洹水湾温泉旅游区 (28分钟)

袁林 (18分钟)

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An\'gang Blvd Yindu District Anyang Henan


Lat: 36.113598 Lng: 114.286785


Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co Ltd Hotel Map - Henan - Anyang


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