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Beijing Capital International Airport 58 Min

Kunming Lake (35 Min)
Covering 3/4 Of The Palace Grounds, This Peaceful Lake Offers Boat Rides, A Hiking Trail & Tours.

Long Corridor (35 Min)
Built In 1750, This 728-M.-Long Passageway In The Summer Palace Features 14,000+ Paintings.

Marco Polo Bridge (30 Min)
Granite Bridge Dating From 1192 & Rebuilt In 1698, Praised By The Explorer & Flanked By Stone Lions.

Badachu (27 Min)
Autumn Leaf Color, Park, And Buddhism

Central Radio & Tv Tower (31 Min)
Tv & Radio Tower Featuring A Revolving Restaurant & Open-Air Observation Deck With Panoramic Views.

The Summer Palace (37 Min)
Palace, Lake, History, And Architecture

Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park (25 Min)
Family Amusement Park Featuring A Castle & Rides Like Roller Coasters, A Ferris Wheel & River Rafts.

Beijing Botanical Garden (30 Min)
Sizable Botanical Park With Walking Trails, A Greenhouse & Diverse Plant & Flower Species.

Temple Of Azure Clouds (36 Min)
Tranquil 14Th-Century Buddhist Temple Featuring Hundreds Of Statues & Picturesque Landscaping.

Jietai Temple (31 Min)
Tang-Dynasty Buddhist Temple With A 3-Tiered Ordination Altar & Centuries-Old Pine Trees.

Xiangshan Park (31 Min)
Park, Autumn Leaf Color, And Historic Site

Summer Palace (36 Min)
Lakefront Palace Renowned For Its Ornate Temples & Artworks Plus Its Lavishly Landscaped Grounds.

Badachu Park (29 Min)

Yuanmingyuan Park (42 Min)
Park Featuring Colorful Gardens & Ruins Dating From 1707 & Burned During Second Opium War Of 1860.

Yuyuantan Park (36 Min)
Peaceful Haven With Expanses Of Water & Recreational Facilities, Plus A Cherry Garden & Monuments.

Chinese (简体中文)

北京首都国际机场 58分钟

颐和园 (36分钟)

颐和园 (37分钟)

卢沟桥 (30分钟)
花岗岩桥,建于 1192 年并于 1698 年重建,受到探险家的称赞,左右两侧有石狮。

八大处公园 (29分钟)

北京植物园 (30分钟)

长廊 (35分钟)

戒台寺 (31分钟)

八大处 (27分钟)

香山公园 (31分钟)

圆明园遗址公园 (42分钟)
始建于 1707 年的园林,以缤纷多彩的花园著称,废墟随处可见,烧毁于 1860 年第二次鸦片战争期间。

中央广播电视塔 (31分钟)

碧云寺 (36分钟)
建於 14 世紀的恬靜佛寺,擁有上百座雕像及如畫般優美的景觀。

玉渊潭公园 (36分钟)

昆明湖 (35分钟)
这片宁静的湖泊占据了整个颐和园 3/4 的面积,提供游船、徒步小径和观光服务。

Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park (25分钟)

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Sanwen Rd Mentougou District Beijing


Lat: 39.9644738 Lng: 116.1023987


Beijing Longquan Hotel Map - Beijing - Mentougou District



Beijing Longquan Hotel - Beijing - Mentougou District


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