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Bihaiyuntian Business Hotel

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Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport 41 Min

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu (27 Min)
Modern Complex Absorbing Older Temples & Tea Rooms Alongside High-End Boutiques & Corporate Offices.

Tomb Of Wang Jian (14 Min)
Mausoleum, Museum, Historic Site, And History

锦里 (25 Min)
Picturesque, Old-World Pedestrian Street Lined With Stalls For Traditional Crafts & Snacks.

Anshun Bridge (28 Min)
A Famous, Scenic Landmark, This Covered Bridge With An Upscale Restaurant Is Illuminated At Night.

New Century Global Mall (28 Min)
Massive Complex Featuring Shopping Space, Commercial Centers, Entertainment Areas & A Water Park.

Qingyang Palace (West Gate) (18 Min)
Showy Taoist Palace With A Large Pavilion & Artifacts, Known For 2 Black, Bronze Goat Statues.

Chengdu Wu Hou Shrine (26 Min)
Temple Dedicated To A Prominent Three Kingdoms–Era Figure, With Relics In A Tranquil Setting.

Chengdu Research Base Of Giant Panda Breeding (25 Min)
Giant Panda Conservation Facility Allowing Visitors To Observe Pandas & Other Endangered Animals.

Happy Valley Chengdu (14 Min)
Popular Amusement Park Offering Rollercoasters & Other Rides, A Water Park, Dining & Performances.

Tianfu Square (26 Min)
Giant Panda

Kuan Alley And Zhai Alley (18 Min)
Cultural Hub On An Ancient Street, With Souvenirs, Local Folk Art & Dining Specialties.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage (15 Min)
The 20-Hectare Park & Museum Honoring Du Fu Contains A Replica Of His Cottage & Copies Of His Works.

Jinsha Site Museum Tourist Center (7 Min)
Museum Displaying The Ancient Finds Of The Jinsha Site, Including Ivory, Gold & Jade Artifacts.

People's Park (21 Min)
Popular Urban Green Space Featuring A Pond, A Waterside Cafe, 2 Museums & Verdant, Shaded Pathways.

Sichuan Museum (17 Min)
Large Museum Showcasing Ancient Pottery, Buddhist Art & Changing International Exhibits.

Chinese (简体中文)

成都双流国际机场 41分钟

青羊宫 (18分钟)

人民公园 (21分钟)

宽窄巷子 (18分钟)

四川博物院 (17分钟)

锦里 (25分钟)

王建墓 (14分钟)

安顺廊桥 (28分钟)

天府广场 (26分钟)

成都大熊猫繁育研究基地 (25分钟)

成都武侯祠 (26分钟)

新世纪环球购物中心 (28分钟)

金沙遗址博物馆游客中心 (7分钟)

杜甫草堂 (15分钟)
纪念杜甫的公园和博物馆,其中有杜甫茅屋及其作品的复制品,占地 20 公顷。

成都欢乐谷 (14分钟)

成都远洋太古里 (27分钟)

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Hongqi Chain Tongyi Road Convenience Store Tongyi Rd Chengdu Sichuan


Lat: 30.69249 Lng: 104.00973


Bihaiyuntian Business Hotel Map - Sichuan - Chengdu



Bihaiyuntian Business Hotel - Sichuan - Chengdu


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