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Fukuoka Airport 1 Hr 47

Kijima Kogen (9 Min)

海地獄 (20 Min.)

別府タワー (26 Min.)
1956~1957 年竣工の高さ 100 M のタワー。地上 55 M の展望台とギフトショップがある。

白池地獄 (19 Min.)

アフリカンサファリ (18 Min.)

由布院温泉 (16 Min.)

由布岳 (16 Min.)

別府ロープウェイ (8 Min.)

かまど地獄 (19 Min.)

Kinrin Lake (16 Min.)
A Small Shrine Is Located At The Southern End Of This Picturesque Lake Famous For Its Morning Mists.

城島高原パーク (1 Min.)
国内初の木製ジェット コースターと季節限定の屋外スケートリンクがある遊園地。

大分マリーンパレス水族館「うみたまご」 (32 Min.)

鬼石坊主地獄 (19 Min.)

Katayama (15 Min)

鶴見岳 (9 Min.)
徒歩、またはロープウェイなら 10 分で山頂まで行ける火山。

Beppu Rakutenchi (22 Min.)
Mountaintop Amusement Park Accessed By A Cablecar With Rides Games A Pool & A Variety Of Animals.

Japanese (日本人)

福岡空港 1時間 47分

Kamado Jigoku (19 分.)

Umitamago (32 分.)
Large Bayside Marine-Life Park & Aquarium With Dolphin & Walrus Shows & Interactive Programs.

Umi Jigoku (20 分.)

Oniishi Bozu Jigoku 鬼石坊主地獄 (19 分.)
Ancient Site Featuring A Hot Spring With Gray, Hot, Bubbling Mud Said To Resemble A Monk's Head.

Yufuin Onsen (16 分.)
This Peaceful Resort Village Is Known For Its Hot Springs, Nature Trails, Museums & Scenic Lake.

Beppu Tower (26 分.)
Built 1956–1957, The 100-M. Tower Offers An Observation Platform At 55 M. & A Gift Shop.

金鱗湖 (16 分.)

別府ラクテンチ (22 分.)

Beppu Ropeway (8 分.)

Kijima Kogen Park (1 分.)
Amusement Park Offering The Country's First Wooden Roller Coaster & A Seasonal Outdoor Skating Rink.

Shiraike Jigoku (19 分.)
Quaint Natural Attraction Featuring A Pluming Hot Spring, Manicured Traditional Garden & Aquarium.

Mount Yufu (16 分.)
Locals Refer To This Prominent Stratovolcano, A Local Landmark For Hiking, As Oita's Mt. Fuji.

Mount Tsurumi (9 分.)
Volcanic Mountain That Can Be Ascended On Foot Or Via A 10-Minute Cable-Car Ride.

片山 (15 分)

城島高原(バス) (9 分)

African Safari (18 分.)
Cars Drive Through This Safari-Style Park With Many Exotic Animals, Plus Eateries & A Gift Shop.

Phone Number






Oita Pref.,Beppu City,Higashiyama 123-1


Lat: 33.2649121 Lng: 131.4287629


Centleisure Kijima Kogen Map - Oita Pref - Beppu City



Centleisure Kijima Kogen - Oita Pref - Beppu City


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