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Chelizi Hotel

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Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport 47 Min

Chongqing Zoo (16 Min)
Large, Long-Running Zoo With A Variety Of Animals, Including Pandas, Tigers & Other Rare Species.

Luohan Temple (37 Min)
Restored Buddhist Temple In Bustling City Surrounds Featuring A Series Of Stone & Clay Sculptures.

Chaotianmen Dock (34 Min)

Hongyadong Folk Custom Scene Area (37 Min)

Chongqing Hongyadong (Northwest Gate) (36 Min)
Traditional Timber Homes Built Into A Rock Face, Housing Restaurants, Open-Air Bars & Craft Stores.

山城步道 (31 Min)

Raffles City Chongqing (34 Min)
Group Of Skyscrapers Connected By A Lofty Sky Bridge With City Panoramas From A Viewing Deck.

Ciqikou, Chongqing (28 Min)
Quaint, Ancient Town With Narrow Streets & Traditional Buildings, Plus Souvenir Shops & Restaurants.

Eling Park (27 Min)
Picturesque Urban Green Space With A Bridge, Walking Tracks, A Teahouse & Scenic Views.

Zhazidong (31 Min)

Three Gorges Museum (32 Min)
Cultural Museum Displaying Regional Artwork, Stone Carvings & Relics From Ancient & Modern Eras.

Chaotianmen Bridge (38 Min)
Double-Deck Arched Bridge Over The Yangtze River, With Lanes For Autos, Pedestrians & Rail Transit.

一棵树观景台 (38 Min)

Jiefangbei Cbd (35 Min)

Baigongguan And Zhazidong (30 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

重庆江北国际机场 47分钟

渣滓洞 (31分钟)

磁器口古镇 (28分钟)

鹅岭公园 (27分钟)

重庆中国三峡博物馆 (32分钟)

一棵树观景台 (38分钟)

山城步道 (31分钟)

重庆洪崖洞(西北门) (36分钟)

朝天门码头 (34分钟)

朝天门长江大桥 (38分钟)

罗汉寺 (37分钟)

白公馆 (30分钟)

重庆来福士广场 (34分钟)

解放碑中央商务区 (35分钟)

重庆动物园 (16分钟)

洪崖洞民俗风貌区 (37分钟)

Phone Number






Wen Ti Zhi Lu 228 Hao Fu 15 Hao Dadukou District Chongqing


Lat: 29.486717 Lng: 106.483428


Chelizi Hotel Map - Chongqing - Dadukou District


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