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Datong Tongmei International Hotel

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Shenyang Taoxian International Airport 47 Min

Bayi Park (17 Min)

Liaoning Provincial Museum (38 Min)
Museum, Art Museum, And Art

Zhongshan Square (7 Min)

September 18Th History Museum (East Gate) (20 Min)
History Museum Focused On The Mukden Incident Exhibiting Photographs, Relics & Artwork.

Forum 66 (8 Min)

Liaoning Broadcast And Tv Tower (13 Min)

Marshal Zhang's Mansion (17 Min)
Period Furniture In A Flamboyant, Early-20Th-Century Villa, Once Home To A Notorious Warlord.

Xita (13 Min)

Wuai Market (14 Min)

Fuling Mausoleum (25 Min)
Large 17Th-Century Mausoleum For A Qing Dynasty Founder, With Animal Statues & Decorative Columns.

Zhao Mausoleum (21 Min)
Set In Lush Parkland, This Unesco World Heritage Site Features The Tomb Of Qing Emperor Hong Taiji.

Mukden Palace (16 Min)
Sprawling, Elaborate Palace Complex Dating From 1625, Now A Museum Of Historical Art & Crafts.

Chinese (简体中文)

沈阳桃仙国际机场 47分钟

5爱市场 (14分钟)

Zhongshan Square (7分钟)

八一公园 (17分钟)

清昭陵 (21分钟)

清福陵 (25分钟)

辽宁省博物馆 (38分钟)

辽宁广播电视塔 (13分钟)

市府恒隆广场 (8分钟)

沈阳故宫 (16分钟)
辽阔而精致的宫殿建筑群,始建于 1625 年,现在是历史艺术品及手工艺品博物馆。

西塔街 (13分钟)

张氏帅府 (17分钟)

九·一八历史博物馆 (20分钟)

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(鑫家福超市附近) Beiliu Rd No.37 Ln Heping District Shenyang Liaoning


Lat: 41.799611 Lng: 123.4148748


Datong Tongmei International Hotel Map - Liaoning - Shenyang


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