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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 1 Hr 7

Shiwan Park (24 Min)

Nanhai Dashidi (27 Min)
Park And Wetland

Foshan Lingnan World (35 Min)
Tree-Shaded Street With Restored Shops & Villas, Now Occupied By Indie Fashion Stores & Restaurants.

大雁山风景区 (29 Min)

Huangdaxian Shengjingyuan (Southeast Gate) (13 Min)

Xiqiaoshan National Arts Studios (13 Min)

Guanyin Of Mount Xiqiao (10 Min)

Gongzai Street (24 Min)

National Arts Resort Hotel (13 Min)

黄飞鸿狮艺武术馆 (14 Min)
Martial Arts

Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Area (8 Min)

Nanfeng Kiln (23 Min)
Stoneware Workshops At A Centuries-Old Ceramics Hub In A Hilly Landscape, With Dragon-Shaped Kilns.

Mount Xiqiao (8 Min)
Known To Be 40- To 50-Million-Years, This Extinct Volcano Is Surrounded By Forest, Cliffs & Temples.

Liang's Garden (36 Min)

Foshan Wong Fei-Hung Memorial Hall (33 Min)
Martial Arts

Chinese (简体中文)

广州白云国际机场 1 小时 7 分钟

大雁山风景区 (29分钟)

南海大湿地 (27分钟)

黄大仙圣境园(东南门) (13分钟)

西樵山风景名胜区 (8分钟)

佛山岭南天地 (35分钟)

石湾公园 (24分钟)

黄飞鸿纪念馆 (33分钟)

National Arts Resort Hotel (13分钟)

西樵山国艺影视城 (13分钟)

南风古灶 (23分钟)

佛山梁园 (36分钟)

公仔街 (24分钟)

南海观音 (10分钟)

Mount Xiqiao (8分钟)

黄飞鸿狮艺武术馆 (14分钟)

Phone Number






Hui Ganquan Life House Jianshe Rd Nanhai District Foshan Guangdong


Lat: 22.942654 Lng: 112.985695


Echarm Hotel Map - Guangdong - Foshan


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