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Fanjingshan Xiufei Business Hotel

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Tongren Phoenix Airport 1 Hr 11

Fanjing Mountain National Nature Reserve (1 Hr 19)
Protected Area And Nature

Fanjingshan (2 Hr 38)
This 8,430-Foot Peak, The Tallest In The Wuling Mountains, Is Sacred To Chinese Buddhists.

梵净山金顶古庙 (2 Hr 37)

Fanjing Mountain (2 Hr 38)

贵州梵净山佛教文化苑 (4 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

铜仁凤凰机场 1 小时 11 分钟

梵净山 (2 小时 38 分钟)

梵净山金顶古庙 (2 小时 37 分钟)

Fanjingshan (2 小时 38 分钟)

梵净山国家级自然保护区 (1 小时 19 分钟)

贵州梵净山佛教文化苑 (4分钟)

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Gaozhai Brg Jiangkou County Tongren Guizhou


Lat: 27.819855 Lng: 108.78051


Fanjingshan Xiufei Business Hotel Map - Guizhou - Tongren


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