Fengxiang river hotel (海口凤祥湖酒店) phone number and contact number


Fengxiang River Hotel

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Haikou Meilan International Airport 17 Min

Haikou Qilou Snack Street (23 Min)

Haikou Volcanic Cluster Global Geopark (23 Min)
Volcano And Park

海瑞故居 (12 Min)

The Tomb Of Hairui (27 Min)
Tomb, Historic Site, And History

Temple Of The Five Lords (12 Min)
Temple Complex Honoring 5 Exiled Officials From The Song & Tang Dynasties, With Gardens & A Pond.

Evergreen Park (24 Min)

People's Park (21 Min)

火山口公园 (21 Min)
Volcano And Park

Crater National Geopark (Southeast Gate) (21 Min)
Volcano And Park

Guanlan Lake Huayi Feng Xiaogang Film Commune (15 Min)
Hot Spring

Haikou Arcaded Streets (23 Min)
Historic Area Of Streets Lined With Century-Old Arcaded Buildings Fusing Asian & European Styles.

Haikou Century Bridge (24 Min)

Hainan Museum (18 Min)

Baishamen Park (29 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

海口美兰国际机场 17分钟

海口骑楼老街 (23分钟)

海瑞故居 (12分钟)

万绿园 (24分钟)

人民公园 (21分钟)

海瑞墓 (27分钟)

海口石山火山群国家地质公园 (23分钟)

火山口国家地质公园(东南门) (21分钟)

海口骑楼小吃街 (23分钟)

观澜湖华谊冯小刚电影公社 (15分钟)

海南省博物馆 (18分钟)

火山口公园 (21分钟)

白沙门 (29分钟)

五公祠 (12分钟)

世纪大桥 (24分钟)

Phone Number






Feng Xiang Dong Lu 141 Hao Feng Xiang Hu Jiu Dian Dong Bei Fang Xiang 10 Mi Qiongshan District Haikou Hainan


Lat: 19.9873435 Lng: 110.3542922


Fengxiang River Hotel Map - Hainan - Haikou


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