First Avenue Executive Suites Phone Number And Contact Number -

First avenue executive suites phone number and contact number

First Avenue Executive Suites

First Avenue Executive Suites

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Prince Rupert Airport 37 Min

Rotary Waterfront Park (16 Min)

Kwinitsa Railway Museum (16 Min)

Port Interpretive Centre (18 Min)

Sunken Gardens Park (15 Min)

Museum Of Northern British Columbia (13 Min)
Exhibits On Northwest Coast Peoples With Ceremonial & Cultural Artifacts In A Rustic Longhouse.

Prince Rupert Fire Museum (12 Min)

Ice House Gallery (17 Min)
Art And Art Museum

Mount Hays (36 Min)

North Pacific Cannery National Historic Site (25 Min)
Historic Site And History

Pacific Mariners Memorial Park (15 Min)
Open Since 1990, A Park With Gardens, A Playground, Antique Ship Parts & Memorials To Fishermen.

Butze Rapid Trail (9 Min)

Rushbrook Trail (7 Min)

Tall Trees Trail (8 Min)

Chances (12 Min)

Mcclymont Park Trail (5 Min)

French (Français)

Prince Rupert Airport Authority 37 Min

Mount Hays (36 Min)

Prince Rupert Fire Museum (12 Min)

Rushbrook Trail (7 Min)

Mcclymont Park Trail (5 Min)

Tall Trees Trail (8 Min)

Butze Rapid Trail (9 Min)

North Pacific Cannery National Historic Site (25 Min)

Sunken Gardens Park (15 Min)

Chances (12 Min)

Ice House Gallery (17 Min)

Museum Of Northern British Columbia (13 Min)
Expositions Sur Peuples De La Côte Nord-Ouest, Artefacts Cérémoniels Et Culturels Dans Maison Longue Rustique.

Rotary Waterfront Park (16 Min)

Pacific Mariners Memorial Park (15 Min)

Port Interpretive Centre (18 Min)

Kwinitsa Railway Museum (16 Min)

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Title :
First Avenue Executive Suites - Accommodations, Full Kitchen - in-suite Laundry - Fully Furnished, Short Term Corporate Accommodation
Description :
First Avenue Executive Suites, Fully furnished apartments available for daily, weekly, monthly accommodations, geared towards corporate travelers visiting the Prince




935 1st Ave W, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1B4, Canada


Lat: 54.310074 Lng: -130.3330971


First Avenue Executive Suites Map - British Columbia - Skeena Queen Charlotte

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