Floral hotela quiet yard (Floral Hotel,A Quiet Yard) phone number and contact number


Floral Hotela Quiet Yard

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Nanchang Changbei International Airport 1 Hr 23

Meilu Villa (56 Min)

Lulin Lake (1 Hr 1)

Yanshuiting (15 Min)

Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge (10 Min)

Ruqinhu (1 Hr 3)

Wulaofeng (38 Min)
Forested Mountains With Hiking Trails, Taoist Temples & A Bridge Linking 2 Of Its Peaks.

Donglin Temple (33 Min)
Temple, Buddhism, And Monastery

Huajing (1 Hr 6)

Lushan Quaternary Glaciation National Geopark (1 Hr)
National Park With Mountains, Rock Formations, Gorges & Waterfalls, Plus Taoist & Buddhist Temple.

Sandiequan Waterfall (48 Min)
Waterfall, Hot Spring, And Lake

含鄱口 (1 Hr 5)

Mount Lu (1 Hr 2)
Large, Scenic Mountain Area With Temples, Lakes & Gardens Set Among Lush Hills & Peaks.

浔阳楼 (13 Min)

River-Locking Tower Pagoda (12 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

南昌昌北国际机场 1 小时 23 分钟

花径 (1 小时 6 分钟)

芦林湖 (1 小时 1 分钟)

含鄱口 (1 小时 5 分钟)

浔阳楼 (13分钟)

烟水亭 (15分钟)

美庐别墅 (56分钟)

九江长江大桥 (10分钟)

东林寺 (33分钟)

庐山世界地质公园 (1 时)

如琴湖 (1 小时 3 分钟)

五老峰 (38分钟)

三叠泉 (48分钟)

锁江楼塔 (12分钟)

庐山 (1 小时 2 分钟)

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Sanli St Xunyang District Jiujiang Jiangxi


Lat: 29.7174 Lng: 116.01484


Floral Hotela Quiet Yard Map - Jiangxi - Jiujiang


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