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Furuida Hotel

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Lijiang Airport 45 Min

白沙古镇 (20 Min)
Lake And History

Black Dragon Pool (8 Min)
Tranquil Pond With Historic Temples & A Marble Bridge, Plus Views Of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Shuhe Ancient Town (13 Min)
Scenic, Historical Village On An Old Tea Route With Artisans Selling Goods From Textiles To Silver.

Qingxi Reservoir (10 Min)

Shizishan (9 Min)

宝山石头城 (35 Min)

Mu Mansion (11 Min)
Guided Tours Of A Centuries-Old Government Administrative Complex, With Views Of Lijiang Old Town.

万古楼 (10 Min)

Lishui Jinsha Art Training Center (7 Min)

Yufeng Temple (31 Min)
Built In 1756, This Riverside Temple At The Foot Of A Mountain Features Courtyards & Blooming Trees.

Lashi Sea (20 Min)
Part Of A Wetland Reserve, This Small Lake With An Equestrian Trail Is Also A Birdwatching Hot Spot.

Dongba Culture Museum (8 Min)
Museum Celebrating Regional Naxi Heritage With Paintings, Tools, Costumes & Traditional Dwellings.

Old Town Of Lijiang (10 Min)
800-Year-Old Area Of The City With Cobblestone Streets, Streams, Bridges & Traditional Naxi Houses.

Baisha Bihua (21 Min)

云南丽江古城 (13 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

丽江三义机场 45分钟

白沙壁画 (21分钟)

木府 (11分钟)

狮子山公园 (9分钟)

万古楼 (10分钟)

清溪水库 (10分钟)

白沙古镇 (20分钟)

玉峰寺 (31分钟)

丽江古城 (10分钟)
拥有 800 年历史的古城区,有鹅卵石街道、溪流、小桥和传统的纳西族房屋。

丽江东巴文化博物馆东巴文化传习院 (8分钟)

宝山石头城 (35分钟)

丽江黑龙潭 (8分钟)

拉市海 (20分钟)

束河古镇 (13分钟)

云南丽江古城 (13分钟)

丽水金沙艺术培训中心 (7分钟)

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Lishui Hotel Xianggeli Blvd Gucheng District Lijiang Yunnan


Lat: 26.872986 Lng: 100.220874


Furuida Hotel Map - Yunnan - Lijiang


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