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Turpan Jiaohe Airport 24 Min

Emin Minaret (13 Min)
Monumental, 18Th-C. Islamic Tower & The Tallest Minaret In China, With An Attached Mosque.

吐鲁番火焰山景区 (5 Min)

Turpan Prince Jun Hotel (12 Min)

Turpan Museum (13 Min)

Kan'erjing Folk Custom Park (18 Min)

Kanerjing Paradise (16 Min)

Ancient City Of Jiaohe (28 Min)

葡萄沟民俗村 (7 Min)

Gaochang Ruins (13 Min)
Archaeological Site, History, And Architecture

Desert Eco-Tourism Scenic Area (15 Min)

Afunti Mores Garden (8 Min)

吐鲁番大漠土艺馆 (13 Min)

Turpan Kan'erjing Museum (18 Min)

Chinese (简体中文)

吐鲁番交河机场 24分钟

吐鲁番坎儿井博物馆 (18分钟)

坎儿井乐园 (16分钟)

吐鲁番博物馆 (13分钟)

葡萄沟民俗村 (7分钟)

阿凡提风情园 (8分钟)

沙漠生态旅游风景区 (15分钟)

Gaochang Ruins (13分钟)

坎儿井民俗园 (18分钟)

吐鲁番郡王府 (12分钟)

交河故城 (28分钟)

吐鲁番大漠土艺馆 (13分钟)

吐鲁番火焰山景区 (5分钟)

苏公塔 (13分钟)

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Cheshi Rd Gaochang District Turpan Xinjiang


Lat: 42.968285 Lng: 89.25114


Haichang Hotel Map - Xinjiang - Turpan


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