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Happy Star Business Hotel

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Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport 1 Hr 9

甘坑客家小镇 (36 Min)

Hongfa Temple (47 Min)
Modern Buddhist Temple With 40 Traditional-Style Structures, Including A Bell Tower & Dining Hall.

Dameisha Beach (47 Min)
This Long, Sandy Beach With Scenic Mountain Views Draws Crowds For Lounging, Swimming & Grilling.

大华兴寺 (39 Min)
Buddhism And Temple

大侠谷 (45 Min)
Canyon, Ecotourism, And Nature

Fairy Lake Botanical Garden (49 Min)
Botanical Garden Featuring A Lake & 6 Themed Sections, With Rare Trees, Bonsai & Other Plant Life.

Seafield Village (43 Min)
Canyon And Wine

Longgang Museum Of Hakka Culture (6 Min)
A Collection Of Traditional Hakka-Style Buildings Containing History & Culture Exhibits & Antiques.

Wutong Mountain (48 Min)
Forested Peak Laced With Hiking Trails, Stepped Paths & Streams, Known For Its Far-Reaching Views.

Longfeng Villa Video Resort (16 Min)

Qiushuishan Park (40 Min)

Shenzhen Ocean World (43 Min)
Small Aquarium With Animal Performances, Public Feedings & An Adjacent Park With Bi-Level Carousel.

East Oversea Chinese Town Tea Brook (36 Min)
Resort Complex Including Walking Trails, A Model Tea Plantation & A Recreated Swiss-Style Spa Town.

Chinese (简体中文)

深圳宝安国际机场 1 小时 9 分钟

吉澳洲 (45分钟)

印洲塘 (36分钟)

龙岗客家民俗博物馆 (6分钟)

大鵬灣 (43分钟)

仙湖植物园 (49分钟)

求水山公园 (40分钟)

大梅沙海滨公园 (47分钟)

甘坑客家小镇 (36分钟)

海菲德小镇 (43分钟)

八仙嶺 (47分钟)
現代佛寺,藏有 40 座傳統雕塑,另設有鐘塔和餐廳。

龙凤山庄影视度假村 (16分钟)

梧桐山 (48分钟)

大华兴寺 (39分钟)

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(深水海纳净水生活馆龙岗区总经销附近) Shengping South Rd Longgang District Shenzhen Guangdong


Lat: 22.731091 Lng: 114.255596


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Happy Star Business Hotel - Guangdong - Shenzhen


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