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Harbin 22C Boutique Hotel

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Harbin Taiping International Airport 32 Min

Sofia Square (28 Min)

Russian Style Town (31 Min)

Harbin Polarland (25 Min)
Arctic-Themed Aquarium Featuring Polar Bears, Sea Lions, Penguins & Beluga Shows.

Taiyangdao Park (23 Min)

Harbin Ice & Snow World (28 Min)

Sun Island (34 Min)
Recreational Area With Gardens, Lakes & Small Museums, Popular For An Annual Ice-Sculpture Expo.

Harbin Stalin Park (28 Min)
Soviet-Era Landscaped Park With Russian Gardens & Monuments, Plus An Annual Snow & Ice Festival.

Zhaolin Park (28 Min)
Park And Art

冰灯游园会 (28 Min)
Park And Art

Harbin People Flood Control Success Memorial Tower (27 Min)
Architecture And History

Long Ta (31 Min)
Tallest Steel Lattice Tower In China, Featuring A Tv Antenna, Observation Deck & Buffet Restaurant.

Taiyang Island (27 Min)
This Island Has Parks, Museums & An Aquarium & Is A Key Venue For Harbin's Annual Snow Festival.

Saint Sophia's Church (28 Min)
Neo-Byzantine Russian Orthodox Church Dating To 1907, Now Housing A Local History Museum.

Siberia Tiger Park (29 Min)
Conservation Park & Breeding Base For Endangered Big Cats, With Lions, Tigers, Jaguars & Leopards.

Bingxue Big World (24 Min)
Winter Wonderland Featuring Ice Sculptures, Mazes, Bikes, Snow Sports & Slides, Along With Concerts.

Chinese (简体中文)

哈尔滨太平国际机场 32分钟

冰雪大世界 (24分钟)

Harbin Ice & Snow World (28分钟)

哈尔滨市人民防洪胜利纪念塔 (27分钟)

太阳岛 (34分钟)

索菲亚广场 (28分钟)

哈尔滨极地馆 (25分钟)

哈尔滨市斯大林公园 (28分钟)

俄罗斯风情小镇 (31分钟)

冰灯游园会 (28分钟)

圣索菲亚教堂 (28分钟)
建于 1907 年的新拜占庭式俄罗斯东正教教堂,如今已成为当地历史博物馆。

东北虎林园 (29分钟)

太阳岛 (27分钟)

太阳岛公园 (23分钟)

龙塔 (31分钟)

兆麟公园 (28分钟)

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Xingjiang Rd Daoli District Harbin Heilongjiang


Lat: 45.734997 Lng: 126.54778


Harbin 22c Boutique Hotel Map - Heilongjiang - Harbin



Harbin 22c Boutique Hotel - Heilongjiang - Harbin


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