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Hotel Palace Siheung

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Incheon International Airport 1 Hr 14

The Memorial Hall For Incheon Landing Operation (1 Hr 5)
Hilltop Memorial & Exhibition Hall With Photos & Models Commemorating A Crucial Korean War Battle.

Sorae Ecology Park (57 Min)
Tranquil Park Featuring Salt Marshes, Migratory Birds, Observation Areas & A Nature Center.

Gwangmyeong Cave (1 Hr 36)
Former Mining Cave Complex Turned Entertainment Venue, With Light Shows, An Aquarium & A Winery.

Sorae Pogu Traditional Fish Market (38 Min)

Songwol-Dong Fairy Tale Village (1 Hr 1)
Many Of The Houses In This Village Are Decorated In Bright Colours With Depictions Of Fairy Tales.

Gaetgol Ecological Park (59 Min)
Wetland Reserve With A River Beach & Flower Fields, An Old Salt Farm & A Spiral Observation Tower.

인천 차이나타운 (57 Min)
Bustling Tourist & Cultural District Known For Its Chinese-Owned Restaurants & Businesses.

Incheon Grand Park (1 Hr 11)
A Zoo, Botanical Garden & Large Open Areas Are All Located Within This Peaceful City Park.

Central Park Songdo (1 Hr 6)
Park Inspired By New York's Central Park Featuring Paths, Meadows & A Manmade Lake With Water Taxis.

Aiins World (1 Hr 1)
Theme Park Featuring Miniature Versions Of A Vast Range Of Famous Buildings From Around The Globe.

Anyang Art Park (1 Hr 17)
Sprawling Area Of Forests & Creeks, With Walking Trails Linking Art Displays & Outdoor Sculptures.

Sido (1 Hr 6)
Ultra-Modern Skyscraper Home To Offices, Eateries & An Observation Floor With City Panoramas.

Woongjin Play Doci (1 Hr 3)
Indoor Theme Park Featuring Snow Skiing & Sledding, Swimming Pools With Slides & A Driving Range.

Korean (한국어)

인천국제공항 1시간 14분

웅진플레이도시 (1시간 3분)
스키와 썰매를 탈 수 있는 실내 테마파크로 슬라이드가 있는 수영장과 골프 연습장이 있습니다.

인천상륙작전기념관 (1시간 5분)

시도 (1시간 6분)

송월동 동화마을 (1시간 1분)

안양 예술공원 (1시간 17분)

광명동굴 (1시간 36분)

인천대공원 (1시간 11분)

소래포구 (38분)

아인스월드 (1시간 1분)
전 세계 유명 건축물의 미니어처가 있는 테마파크입니다.

시흥갯골생태공원 (59분)

소래습지 생태공원 (57분)
해수 소택지, 철새, 전망대, 자연 센터가 있는 조용한 공원입니다.

송도 센트럴공원 (1시간 6분)
뉴욕 센트럴 파크에서 영감을 받아 만든 공원으로 산책로, 잔디밭, 수상 택시가 오가는 인공 호수가 있습니다.

인천 차이나타운 (57분)
중국인 소유의 레스토랑과 기업으로 유명한 번화한 관광 및 문화 지구입니다.

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Lat: 37.336765 Lng: 126.74702


Hotel Palace Siheung Map - Gyeonggido - Siheungsi


Hotel Palace Siheung - Gyeonggido - Siheungsi

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