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Hotel shikisai (熱海 慧薗) phone number and contact number

Hotel Shikisai

Hotel Shikisai

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Haneda Airport 1 Hr 49

伊豆國一之宮 三嶋大社 (34 Min.)

Kinomiya Station (12 Min)

大涌谷 (47 Min.)

神奈川県立恩賜箱根公園 (26 Min.)

Umezono Bus Stop (6 Min)

小田原城 (36 Min.)

Fuji Hakone Izu National Park (41 Min.)
Collection Of Protected Sites That Includes Mt. Fuji The Izu Islands & The Fuji Five Lakes.

箱根神社 (30 Min.)

The Hakone Open-Air Museum (42 Min.)
Museum Featuring An Outdoor Sculpture Park & Some Indoor Exhibits Plus A Natural Hot Spring.

Umezonoiriguchi Bus Stop (10 Min)

来宮神社 (8 Min.)
推定樹齢 2,000 年の大楠が境内にある神社。

三島スカイウォーク (33 Min.)

Sawadakinenbijutsukan Bus Stop (1 Min)

箱根芦ノ湖 成川美術館 (29 Min.)
日本の画家の作品を集めた美術館。1988 年開館。箱根の美しい景色を望む展望ラウンジ、カフェ、庭園も併設。

箱根強羅公園 (44 Min.)

Moa美術館 (13 Min.)

箱根関所 (26 Min.)

Japanese (日本人)

羽田空港 1時間 49分

Moa Museum Of Art (13 分.)
Hilltop Museum With East Asian Art Treasures, Gardens & Sweeping Views Over Atami & The Sea.

Narukawa Art Museum (29 分.)
Opened In 1988, This Art Museum Features Nihonga-Style Paintings, City Views, A Cafe & Gardens.

Hakone Gōra Park (44 分.)
Western-Style Hillside Botanical Garden With A Tea House, Greenhouses & A Central Fountain.

富士箱根伊豆国立公園 (41 分.)

梅園入口(バス) (10 分)

澤田記念美術館(バス) (1 分)

Mishima Sky Walk (33 分.)
This Long, Narrow Suspension Bridge For Pedestrians Offers Scenic Views Of Mount Fuji.

Onshi-Hakone Park (26 分.)
Former Imperial Palace Complex Offering Walking Paths & An Observation Platform With Scenic Views.

来宮駅 (12 分)

Hakone Shrine (30 分.)
Historic Japanese Shinto Shrine With A Small Museum In A Verdant Lakefront Setting.

梅園(バス) (6 分)

Ōwakudani (47 分.)
Visitors Can Enjoy Mt. Fuji Views & Eat Black Eggs Boiled In Hot Springs At This Geothermic Site.

彫刻の森美術館 (42 分.)

Kinomiya-Jinja Shrine (8 分.)
An Ancient Camphor Tree, Believed To Be 2,000 Years Old, Stands On The Ground Of This Shrine.

Mishima Taisha (34 分.)
Picturesque Shinto Temple Featuring Manicured Grounds & A Small Museum With Historical Relics.

Hakone Tokaido Checkpoint (26 分.)
Edo-Era Military Checkpoint Featuring Soldiers' Quarters, A Lookout, A Tea Room & More.

Odawara Castle (36 分.)
Small, Stalwart Castle Featuring An Assortment Of Exhibits & Artifacts, Plus Views From The Tower.

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Title :
熱海 慧薗(あたみ けいえん)【公式サイト】
Description :
熱海 慧薗(あたみ けいえん)は熱海梅園に隣接した隠れ家的旅館です。お部屋は全6室、色彩豊かな日本庭園や川のせせらぎと満天の星空に包まれながらの貸切露天風呂で至福のひとときをお楽しみ下さい。熱海温泉旅館『慧薗』は大人のための特別な時間を過ごせるをコンセプトとしたお宿です。
Keywords :
熱海, 温泉, 慧薗, 慧園, けいえん, ケイエン, 旅館, 貸切露天風呂, 日本庭園, 会席料理, 梅園




Shizuoka Pref.,Atami City,Umezonocho 9-48


Lat: 35.0994292 Lng: 139.0574499


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