Huanlesong apartment hotel (南昌欢乐颂公寓) phone number and contact number


Huanlesong Apartment Hotel

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Nanchang Changbei International Airport 34 Min

Bada Shanren Memorial Hall (30 Min)

Qiushui Square (14 Min)

Pavilion Of Prince Teng (15 Min)
Erected In 653 Ad, This 9-Story Structure Has Been Repeatedly Rebuilt More Than 2 Dozen Times.

Bayi Square (18 Min)

Ganjiang Citizen's Park (9 Min)

南昌新动物园 (21 Min)

Shengjin Tower (20 Min)

Nanchang The August 1St Uprising Memorial Hall (17 Min)

Youmin Temple (15 Min)

Star Of Nanchang (13 Min)
525-Foot Tall Ferris Wheel With 60 Air-Conditioned Gondolas For A 30-Minute Ride With Scenic Views.

Jiangxi Museum (13 Min)

Nanchang New Fourth Army Headquarters Site (20 Min)

Jiangxi Provincial Exhibition Center (19 Min)
Convention Center

Chinese (简体中文)

南昌昌北国际机场 34分钟

南昌新四军军部旧址 (20分钟)

秋水广场 (14分钟)

滕王阁 (15分钟)

八大山人纪念馆 (30分钟)

佑民寺 (15分钟)

江西省博物馆 (13分钟)

南昌新动物园 (21分钟)

赣江市民公园 (9分钟)

绳金塔 (20分钟)

毛泽东思想胜利万岁馆 (19分钟)

南昌之星 (13分钟)

八一广场 (18分钟)

南昌八一起义纪念馆 (17分钟)

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(绿茵路地铁站-3口附近) Jiangbao Rd Donghu District Nanchang Jiangxi


Lat: 28.6889877 Lng: 115.8563769


Huanlesong Apartment Hotel Map - Jiangxi - Nanchang


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