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Juncheng Hotel

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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 1 Hr 34

七星岩牌坊广场 (17 Min)

包公祠 (9 Min)

Dinghu Mountain (37 Min)
A Buddhist Holy Place, This Tranquil, Famed Peak Has Ancient Shrines, Forested Waterfalls & Hiking.

Lingyangxia (32 Min)
Forest And Park

Yuejiang Lou (15 Min)

音乐喷泉 (12 Min)

Zhaoqing Museum (14 Min)

Seven-Star Crags Scenic Area East Gate (15 Min)

Baisha The Dragon Mother's Temple (11 Min)

Paifang Park (18 Min)

Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall (9 Min)

Liqiaolou (10 Min)

天柱岩 (14 Min)

Seven Star Crags (14 Min)
Lake And Park

Chinese (简体中文)

广州白云国际机场 1 小时 34 分钟

七星岩 (14分钟)

肇庆古城墙 (9分钟)

音乐喷泉 (12分钟)

丽谯楼 (10分钟)

天柱岩 (14分钟)

七星岩牌坊广场 (17分钟)

包公祠 (9分钟)

肇庆市博物馆 (14分钟)

牌坊公园 (18分钟)

鼎湖山 (37分钟)

羚羊峡 (32分钟)

七星岩景区东门 (15分钟)

白沙龙母庙 (11分钟)

阅江楼 (15分钟)

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Baihe St Duanzhou District Zhaoqing Guangdong


Lat: 23.0615365 Lng: 112.4414914


Juncheng Hotel Map - Guangdong - Zhaoqing



Juncheng Hotel - Guangdong - Zhaoqing


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