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Wuhan Tianhe International Airport 47 Min

Hankou Jiangtan (22 Min)

Happy Valley Wuhan (13 Min)
Sprawling, Modern Amusement Park With Themed Coasters, Water Rides, Cinemas & Restaurants.

Yellow Crane Tower (32 Min)
Reconstructed, 5-Story, 168-Ft High Tower Based On The Original Built During The Qing Dynasty.

Hankow Customs House (29 Min)

Wuhan Botanical Garden (23 Min)
Botanical Garden Known For Its Many Floral Species, Flower Shows & Research Facilities.

Lute Platform (29 Min)
Historic Site And History

Donghu Ecological Tourism And Scenic Area (15 Min)

East Lake (41 Min)
Paths For Walking & Cycling Run Along This Expansive Freshwater Lake Offering Scenic, Serene Views.

Hubei Provincial Museum (15 Min)

Gudesi (20 Min)
Temple, Buddhism, And Architecture

Wuhan Greenland Center (22 Min)

East Lake Cherry Blossom Park (24 Min)
Park Famed For The Spring Blooms On Its Japanese Cherry Trees, With An Annual Blossom Festival.

Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge (28 Min)
Built In 1957, This Famed Double-Deck Road & Rail Truss Bridge Crosses The Yangtze River.

Guiyuan Temple (33 Min)
Sprawling Buddhist Temple Complex With Over 500 Buddha Statues, Stone & Wood Carvings & Rare Books.

晴川阁 (36 Min)
Historic Site And History

Chinese (简体中文)

武汉天河国际机场 47分钟

湖北省博物馆 (15分钟)

汉口江滩 (22分钟)

古德寺 (20分钟)

Lute Platform (29分钟)

东湖生态旅游风景区 (15分钟)

东湖 (41分钟)

武汉欢乐谷 (13分钟)

东湖樱花园 (24分钟)

江汉关博物馆 (29分钟)

黄鹤楼 (32分钟)
一座高 168 英尺的五层塔楼,屡番重建,最后一座建于清朝年间。

归元寺 (33分钟)
大型佛寺建筑群,有 500 多尊佛像、石雕和木雕,以及珍稀书籍。

中国科学院武汉植物园 (23分钟)

武汉长江大桥 (28分钟)
建于 1957 年的著名长江大桥,为双层桁梁,公路铁路两用桥。

晴川阁 (36分钟)

武汉绿地中心 (22分钟)

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Wuhan Minxin Gynecology Hospital Xiangfeng Rd Hongshan District Wuhan Hubei


Lat: 30.610716 Lng: 114.378685


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